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  1. Claypot at |

    ahaha, great list :), funny how most of the foods are japanese…. then again, they do take their food quite seriously

    tho i dont think gold should be considered a “food” just because people eat it… but never the less, very interesting list.

  2. Blogged It at |

    I haven’t confirmed it but I think truffle is much more expensive than gold per gram i think.

  3. xave at |

    Bird’s saliva (Balinsasayaw in tagalog) can easily be found here in the Philippines. In fact most people don’t even know that its saliva is very expensive.

  4. omyanco at |

    Matsuzaka Beef is most expensive beef in Japan.
    Kobe beef is one of the premium beef.

  5. sherpa at |

    er …. I think saffron comes from a crocus! never heard of a saffron plant?

  6. Kendra at |

    The picture for the bird’s nest soup is of sharks fin… I’m also pretty sure that we don’t “dissolve” it in water, we boil it in a double boiler then cook it in milk or almond/coconut milk… we can still bite the bird’s nest after we cook it…

    Kendra 😉

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      Kendra – That is the photo on Wikipedia and the photo we found most places. Can you send us a photo of bird’s nest soup for We will give you credit if you can take the photo yourself.

      1. Kendra at |
  7. xlifes at |

    The text says that the Bird’s Nest Soup (number 2) is “the most expensive animal product consumed by humans” with a cost that can reach 4535$ per pound. However, the Almas Caviar, at number 4, has a cost of 15,500$ a pound. This is also an animal product so it seems to me that the Caviar should be the one having the title of most expensive animal product, right?

  8. AnnieJ at |

    well it looks like some people really do $hit gold!

  9. Rumtopf at |

    I think it’s spelled “Densuke” rather than “Dansuke”, going by the spelling on the box and card in the photo of it xD

  10. chooks at |

    lol, just imagine it. . eat gold and people will be stealing your ***t.


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