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  • Wanda

    I just read your article. Love your lightness of touch and humor 🙂

  • Michael Nix of Lincoln

    This article on 10 things you may want to know about nymphomaniacs is very informative, non- judge mental and very well put together, almost clinical. Nevertheless it’s extremely entertaining and I would recommend it as worthy for anyone who wants to broaden their mind and as part of need to know customary taboo topics.

  • richard

    How much is too much sex? How much is too much alcohol? Doctors say over 3 units a day for men. But if an individual man can drink 10 units daily and live to be 100 without any bad effects to his health, I don’t think that limit applies to him. Likewise, if a woman needs sex once daily, but has the need to have a different partner each time, I think she has a serious problem and is living dangerously. If another needs sex 5 times daily, and her partner can only manage twice at best, but she is happy to masturbate to achieve her remaining 3 orgasms, I dont think there is any issue. As long as her relationships, her job, her health and her reputation are unaffected, I would not call such a woman a nympho or a sex addict. The problem of nymphomania then is clearly a psychiatric one and has little to do with the actual sex drive. It is one of extreme promiscuity caused by low self esteem leading to a desire for intimacy coupled with a distrust of real love and permanence. A nymphos sex drive could be high, low or almost non-existent. She has sex to feel worthy of affection, but does not love herself enough to believe in or commit to one man. Childhood abuse is often behind it, and this occurs at all class levels. The idea that only low income families abuse their kids is just bizzare.

  • Sora Lee

    i dont know if i a nympho or not but my sexual drive very active i always imagine doing sex with every men i meet and with men that i’ve been attractive to. even if i was talking to my male colleague i can imagine they being naked and already measure or guest how big or long their penis.and now too many man with muscle on tv and walk outhere make me crazy i just want to jump to their cock and suck it but i know it cannot happen i’m still so young but my husband is far ages from me I do love my husband but i dont even remember when the last time i achieve my orgasme. every day is a hell for me and i never satisfied with my husband anymore. i get bored and sometimes hate my husband. in one state i really just want to pick any man who pass my door to having sex with me but because of religion and embarrassment i try to stop it and ending up with masturbation. I once try to cheat to my husband but i ending up think about my son and the embarrassment i’ll get it stop my desire. Sometimes my thinking and desire to having sex all the time distract my works and study. i can be blank and blurr for an hour just for thinking about sex. and anytime if someone offer me a sex and will keep it secret from others i think i’ll take the offer event read all the comment here makes me horny. Ohhh please can someone explain if i am a nympho or not?

    • Anton Kukharev

      You know that makes me feel very horny too. But when you tell about you are the mother right now It makes me stop bc for that reason. Good Luck girl , and good luck to your children(s) too

    • Jitendra Bharti

      No u r not..