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  • Ian

    Bless these child.

    • hanna

      WOW ….. that’s freaky I feel sorry for them 🙁

  • Matt S.

    Feel so bad for these kids. Especially genie.

  • Turk

    yeah poor kids. I think Genis father should spend at least 13 years being treated the way he treated her. Eye for eye is the way to go when your dealing with a spineless waste of skin like a child abusers. A few good swift kicks to the nuts so they can no longer reproduce would also be a good thing.

    • Cerys

      I agree, they should be treated the way they treated their children. Its truly awful when you read about cases like Genie

      • Ellen Messner

        Her father comitted scuicide soon after she was found.

        • Kyle Goss

          In that event, if there is a hell, he is surely in one of the lowest layers.

  • Ashley

    There is a movie of Genie. Mockingbird Don’t Sing. Its amazing.

  • YouRang?

    So many of these children found mercy and acceptance from animals after humans abused them. Is it any wonder they often hang onto their wild ways?

  • Rhiannon

    Im doing a little bit of research into Feral Children for English Language and I am physically sat here crying, It makes me feel so sad that some ignorant people out there would actually treat children like this. All I can think is, why are the parents of Genie still allowed to walk around. Id have them throw in jail!!!!

  • Hailey

    @Rhiannon both of Genies parents are dead.

  • amy lea lainhart

    Genie is truly an angel what is even more horrifying (if that is even possible) is that she was abused again by foster parents who were charged to take care of her (when the money ran out?) It is really heartbreaking

  • Kelsey

    To everyone talking about Genies father deserves this or that, he killed himself after Genie was taken from them. And for some crazy reason she was given back to the mother in the same house she was tortured in only for thee mom to give up her parental rights cause Genie was too much to care for. Then sadly she was pushed back into being mute cause one set of foster parents severly punished her for vomiting.

  • What’s almost worse is that some cases are actually hoaxes. I was doing some research on the subject, and saw that #4, #3 and some other unmentioned subjects were reported not to be geniuine cases of feral children, #4 specifically for the good Reverend’s orphanage to receive charity.

  • Jan.

    that video on Oxana is just her acting because camera men would ask her to show them how she used to behave when she was feral just for the camera.

  • James

    As it been a nightmare for a child been lost or dump without knowing where to start finding food or shelter and it is like been in luck finding animals that to watch how they eat and where to hunt from. I’ll say there been many child didn’t survive at their young of age or other animals ate them. I think it is more sad when the child been found and taken away from what is really was their home they grew up and feel safe. We know they not animal and is human like us but how did we come to this far from 50,000 years starting with nothing? We once were living like the animals but now we changed so why the animals has not change? Is it because they are happy as they are and no need to be bigger,stronger and smarter? That child end into the wild are must be very smart and learned quickly. I pray for every child that made it through day and night, eating what they found are to be a great surviver to any man on earth. Sad but wonderful been alive.

  • Uche

    Bello of Nigeria
    Please Note: Kano is in Northern Nigeria and not South Africa as the article mentioned with that of No. 10.

    • Shell Harris

      Thank you, we have made the correction.

  • Areeba

    I wonder what has happened to the world.. I’ve got parents too and they love me like if i am the best thing they posses. I live in Pakistan and here, i too see severe cases of children, though not feral, but victims of child abuse. One to mention was that a little girl not more than 10 was killed by his father, who betated her with a stick until she was dead just because she did not made a “well shaped” chapati(bread) , can you believe thAt???? do you know the more shocking aspect, both the father and brother threw her at the backyard of a hospital and then reported to police that the girl has been lost. Luckily, the CCTV camera of the hospital recorded their act of throwing her.. 🙁

  • Areeba

    her father* .. .

  • Kevin John Braid

    you should need a liscense to have a kid. shocking af