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  1. julie at |

    spaghetti is common on filipino fast-food menus, including, i believe, at McDs.

    “McDs” as a name, otoh, is not! they call it McDo’s there….

  2. LaylaG at |

    In the Middle East they serve the McArabia, with grilled chicken patties on flatbread dressed with garlic mayo sauce. Never had it, personally, but it’s a favorite of the older, more traditional generations!

  3. Eric_CR at |

    Actually, McPinto isn’t the official way of make Gallo Pinto. In Costa Rica there are plenty of ways of make it, McPinto is just one more ,but its taste is very spicey unlike the rest of them. Personally i don’t like it.

  4. Rina at |

    The McRice burger came out in the Philippines in 2006. They had 2 variations: chicken and beef. My favorite was the chicken it was served inbetween 2 rice made buns sprinkled with black sesame seeds, had chopped purple cabbage and had a sweetish but tangy mayo dressing. It came out for a limited time till the second quarter of that year. Too bad it was phased out, it was really something McDonald produced that had high quality. As for the other products here, it would be interesting to try them even once McDonalds in the Philippines seems to have cut costs with their ingredients today. A fillet o fish sandwich is a mere size of 3-4 bites with a very thin fish patty. Their mcnuggets is coated now with so much flour so much so that when it gets cold, it gets tough and chewy. If they want to keep the costs low, don’t let the quality suffer because that’s exactly what their doing.

    1. james braselton at |

      hi there yeah gohst gohst universe is anouther untaped market ufo wizzards witches vampiers

  5. Eia at |

    At where I grew up we can havd kids birthday parties at playland. Hawaii’s teriyaki burger is so good. I love spam and eggs for breakfast too. The author is so insulting towards the people in Hawaii. Only because she doesn’t eat spam she doesn’t have to insult all the people who do. Everyone I have met in the mainland act so disgusted by spam (I mean everyone!) but yet every time spam goes on sale, the shelves are empty…..some ghosts must be buying them, I guess?!

    1. Alessandra at |

      Shell Harris is a he. Minor detail.

      1. Shell Harris at |

        Not to my wife. 😉
        Actually, this article was written by Rick Raule, I just posted it, as the site’s owner. I’ll correct this now though.

  6. james braselton at |

    hi there japan hong kong and halo unverse macdondalds haveing weddings

  7. Fiona Harrison at |

    In Australia they bring out the McOz regularly, which is very similar to the kiwi burger. Beetroot is awesome on burgers, wish places in the US would offer it, burgers just don’t taste right without beetroot (and preferably bacon, and BBQ sauce, yum).


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