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  1. Top Twenty Lists
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    An Excellent List you have got here my friend. How come you didn't have the terracotta warriors? They are probably one of the greatest historical mysteries…are they not?

    1. Ralph
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      no, they were built by Shi Huangdi to protect himself in the afterlife in the Qin Dynasty of China.

  2. Myself
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    Great list indeed, well documented.

  3. Amillerb123
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    I was expecting Amelia Earhart to be on here, but otherwise, great list

  4. Anon
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    Nice!! Didn't expect some to be in the list, and I'm sometimes wondering why some were left out, all in all, nice list keep 'm coming!!

  5. aegis
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    Fantastic for people with vivid imagination.

  6. thelamest(dot)com
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    very interesting list!

  7. The Blackbird
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    I'd start with the origin of the universe.

  8. The Blackbird
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    Stonehenge was actually the only place where Ancient Britons were legally allowed to piss, in lieu of a proper hole in the ground. No one was allowed to piss on any other freestanding thing, save the blessed Stonehenge. I have read the ancient celtic scrolls written by Druids and translated them and I now feel compelled to share this with the world right here on TopTenz, right now. The message our forefathers and mothers have sent us is simply this, "Piss on you."

  9. fAzRiN
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    F for this list.not well researched and of course not well written.do you really talk about the mystery or theory???besides,why you left out some famous historical mysteries and include some not-so-famous mysteries in this list?all i can say,try to read a list with a very same title at listverse.com.

  10. andrei
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    Wow looks like you just picked the first things that popped into your mind. I'm sorry but some of these aren't "Top Historical Mysteries", not by a longshot.

    Seems like they're just things that have been made more famous over the couple of years by pop culture. I mean seriously, the 4th most baffling thing in humanity's history is a guy that killed hookers? I'm not saying JFK isn't important but there's other rulers who have died in mysterious ways and they're not on the list. Besides JFK's death isn't even such a mystery to begin with. There's basically 2 reasons: 1) crazy dude with a rifle 2) conspiracy by opposing external or/and internal political forces.

    Come on you've got "Where is Dracula's head?" Not even the Romanians care about that. On Atlantis the big debate isn't the location. The mystery is if Plato wrote about it as fiction or real tale.

    I'm not writing this with malice , I've been a huge fan of this site for years and i absolutely love the articles but this one is poorly done , and i think it could have been a good read if more time was spent on it.

    1. Keith Watabayashi
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      I totally agree with Andrei.

    2. taramarriee
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      Actually, Jack the Ripper is an amazing mystery. We don’t know who he is, why he killed, what happened to him, etc. You should read up on him – I highly suggest a book (or rather the pages on Jack the Ripper in the book) “The Stories of History’s Most Evil Murderers: Serial Killers” by Brian Innes.

      Also, Romanians still regard Vlad III as a hero, so they really do still care.

      1. Zzabrew
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        We romanians still look at Vlad Tepes as a great ruler, and not only him,all of our ancestors because he and all of them made justice. It’s fare that it was a little brutal but that gang of boyar thieves, and a lot of trayors were eradicated, not as nowadays when all are stealing how they can, and nobody takes any messures

  11. Trixie
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    I've always thought the Dyatlov Pass incident was the most bizarre and mysterious event I've ever read about:


  12. Zeus
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    What about the zoozoobaa at the bottom of the Pacantian ocean?

    – greetings from Olympus

  13. The Blackbird
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    How about World Trade Centre building number seven which was not hit by an aircraft but mysteriously imploded in the style of a controlled demolition on 9/11 and, mysteriously, was not mentioned even once in the official 9/11 Commission Report?

    1. HistoryGal!
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      Seriously easy. Arabians. Its been in the news ever since it happned. Have you heard. The one who was behind it is dead!

      1. Heavens_Joke
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        Wow, HistoryGal! For someone who’s name has the word “history” right in it, you sure don’t have a very good grasp on it. Osama bin Laden did not orchestrate the attacks on 9/11. He never admitted to it, like the government said he did. The videos that allegedly show him taking responsibility for the attacks have been proven to have been incorrectly translated and one of the videos was not even him! Also, when he was listed on the FBI’s most wanted (up until his assassination), it NEVER implicated him in the attacks on 9/11. One of the crimes listed is the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, but no mention of the September 11th attacks. When the Bush Administration told Afghanistan to turn over bin Laden, they agreed to do so as long as they were provided with proof that he was involved. Unfortunately, we had no such proof to give. So Bush’s response was that “We would not negotiate with terrorists” and if Afghanistan did not hand him over (without proof of his involvement) we would bomb them. And that was the beginning of the War in Afghanistan.

        Your explanation of the collapse of WTC7 as simply “Arabians” (by which, I assume you mean Saudis) is ridiculous. The whole claim that 9/11 was orchestrated by radical Muslims, led by a man on dialysis, hiding in a cave in Afghanistan, is ludicrous. Let me be clear, I do NOT doubt that airplanes were flown into the Twin Towers. But the buildings did NOT collapse from the damage made by the planes. Not a chance in Hell. So what did bring them down?

        Now, let’s look at the facts behind the collapse of building 7. This was a 47-story steel-framed sky scraper, one of the tallest in the country. The building was not hit by a plane. It was not severely damaged by falling debris from the Twin Towers. There were only fires on a few of the floors. The building came down symmetrically, into it’s own footprint at nearly the rate of free fall (6.5 seconds to be exact). Buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6, which were situated directly below the Twin Towers, were severely damaged by falling debris and fire but DID NOT collapse. In the history of Architecture, only 3 steel-framed buildings have ever suffered a global collapse due to fire, Buildings 1, 2 and 7 of the World Trade Center. These are facts. Now looking at these facts, can you honestly say that this building was not brought down by controlled demolition?

        If you are still skeptical, let me point something else out for you…
        The Alfred P Murrah building (Oklahoma City Bombing) was a 9-story, reinforced concrete building that was severely damaged by the bombing. Controlled Demolition, Inc. demolished the remainder of the building. It took the building 7 seconds to be demolished. Again, 7 World Trade Center was a 47-story, steel-framed building that suffered no damage other than fire and (allegedly) without a demolition team bringing it down, it crumbled to the ground in 6.5 seconds. Can you explain to me how a concrete building less than a quarter of the size of WTC7, that was bombed and then taken down by a controlled demolition, took longer to fall? No?

        Controlled demolition is a fine-tuned art that only a handful of companies in the world are able to perform. Why are we paying these companies millions of dollars to demolish buildings when apparently, all we have to do it set fire to some office equipment on a few floors?

  14. Zzabrew
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    7. The Tomb of Vlad Dracula . A few mistakes, i am romanian and i know that the name of the person in the picture isn’t Vlad Dracula, it’s Vlad Tepes , in 1448 -1448, 1455-1462 and 1476. He indeed had been killed by turks. From Vlad Tepes and his cruel methods of torture had started the Dracula legend, Dracula because Vlad Tepes’s father name was Vlad al II-lea Dracul (drac = devil, him, you know). Please correct the mistakes. Thank you, GREETINGS FROM ROMANIA

    1. Zzabrew
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      *The years are the years of his reigns. And Andrei it’s right, we romanians do not care about that head :)) we have a lot of suveran body parts missing :))

  15. Hakeem
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    the theory that JFK murder could have been carried out by zionists is not surprsing…no wonder every american president bows down to thier pressure

  16. realAniram
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    In my family there’s a running joke that one of our more recent ancestors was a Jack the Ripper. My family believes there were more than one, and my too-many-greats-grandfather’s story is that he was working as a gardener for the king at the time, and he was supposedly hired to kill some prostitutes that may have been pregnant with an heir to the throne. Whether he was guilty or not, after the incidents he moved his family to America with way too much money for a royal gardener from a poor family at the time to have had. He had enough to live comfortably for the rest of his life and put his children (there were three or five of them, if I remember correctly) through law school, and maybe some grandchildren too.

    It would explain the letters; they could be from one of the murderers who felt guilty and wanted the crimes to come to more light without getting in trouble. And the removal of body parts? To see if she really had been pregnant.

  17. Greg
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    JFK assassination? Really? Why not include the fake moon landing and lizard people also?

  18. ello
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    Atlants is a hypothetical city…..as stated in the works of Plato himself. Mystery solved.

  19. Keisie
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    Prince Albert Victor was the son of Edward VII. Albert Victor never became king because he died before his grandmother, Queen Victoria.

  20. SteveB
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    I agree with some other posters there is some events that seem bigger historically , just off the top of y head some quick ones…..Mayans, Roanoke colony, lost Roman legion, Roswell, Karnac Stones,

  21. Bear
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    I would think the Puma Punku site in Bolivia more worthy of the list than several that are included. How did a stone age culture that didn’t even make use of the wheel transport boulders in excess of 250 ton from a quarry on one mountain down a steep valley and up to the top of another mountain several miles away? Let alone carve them with such precision that they look like they came off a modern machining center? We are not talking soft limestone here, these are solid granite and other equally hard stone.

  22. sharmi
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    I wonder why King Arthur’s tomb could not be find yet, so I think it’s just a imagination.

  23. Ell
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    Nice list, I enjoyed it.

    I get that it’s impossible to be comprehensive, but personally I would have left out Atlantis (which most people accept to be a myth) and replaced it with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. We know they were almost certainly real. Where in Babylon were they, what did they look like, and what happened to them?

  24. Rio
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    If I were there then my list would be :

    1) Origin of the Universe
    2) Lost Land of Atlantis
    3) Mythical & Magical creatures (Mermaids, Sphinx, Pheonix Bird, Centaur, Fairy, Yeti, Big Foot, etc)
    4) Bermuda Triangle
    5) Legendry Stories (King Aurther, Jack the Ripper, Murder of John F Kennedy)
    6) Coincidence ( The murders of Abraham Lincon and John F Kennedy and thier relation)
    7) Telepathy
    8) Black Magic
    9) Stone Henge
    10)Crystal Skull

  25. Sachin N Gudimani
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    Dear friend you have forgotten the greatest mystery of all, The Dwaraka of India, it was recently investigated and been proven to exist in 20000 BC. ie. 22 thousand years from now. check it in net and then update

  26. Fabiana
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    What about the mistery behind the Easter Island’s moais?

  27. david
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    what about the antrathekia mechanism and the voynich maunscript?


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