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  1. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    I must admit I thought this list might be a bit dry, but Jason did a great job adding humor and more than a little knowledge.

    My favorite quote, “Polk is probably the most popular overlooked President, which is a lot like getting a C+ in Remedial English.”

    Second favorite, “Garfield was having none of that, and set out appointing anybody he damn well pleased, believing the President was more than just a “registering clerk” for the Senate. And, since senatorial courtesy was strictly a wink-wink thing, and not legal in any way, shape, or form, it was easily defeated. This vastly strengthened the Executive Branch, and Garfield got exactly what he wanted. Well, except for the part where his assassin was a supporter of the Senators who expected the President to cater to their every whim. He probably didn’t want that very much.”

    Great job, Jason.

    1. lovely
      lovely at |

      I agree – great quotes and I learned a WHOLE lot at the same time! Keep it up!

  2. Ensiform
    Ensiform at |

    Very well written article! It’s great when something can be educational but still have that jokey tone.

  3. magiccarpet
    magiccarpet at |

    Great article but the one of the key reasons the league failed is because america was not included and kept trading with countries such as Italy during the economic and trade sanctions imposed as a result of the Abyssinian crisis and japan during the Manchurian crisis which both encourages Hitler to start a war. There are other reasons of course.

  4. Likely Guy
    Likely Guy at |

    “Thank God, because if we were in Northern Michigan on a hot-n-humid 50-degree day, and really wanted to take a refreshing dip in Lake Superior, the last thing we’d need is some Canuck wading around and taking it all for himself.

    Glorious snark aside…”

    *chuckle chuckle* (from Canada)

  5. Lemons
    Lemons at |

    This list is riddled with historical innacuracies. I stopped reading after the fifth entry.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Please enlighten us as to the inaccuracies.

      1. boomslang
        boomslang at |

        Well, for example, L Q. C. Lamar II served in all three branches of the United States government (including both houses of Congress).

    2. Lemonade
      Lemonade at |

      But it was humorous nonetheless. Also, which facts are historically inaccurate? Please elucidate.

  6. Evil Pam
    Evil Pam at |

    Fascinating. Thank you for a very entertaining 15 minutes. Seriously. Now, onto to Sporcle to use my new found knowledge for a good purpose!

  7. Bjornbob
    Bjornbob at |

    6 of these 10 presidents were from Ohio. Jus’ sayin’.

    1. Some Guy
      Some Guy at |

      That’s because 7 presidents were from Ohio. Only Virginia gave us more

  8. Lee Standberry
    Lee Standberry at |

    great list, i too thought it would be a dry read when i saw the title, but after reading the intro i concluded otherwise. i’m taking style notes 🙂

  9. Presidentman44
    Presidentman44 at |

    Well, James Buchanan was probably the worst. He tried to prevent the Civil War by…doing nothing at all about slavery. Or Nixon for obvious reasons, and possibly Grant for reasons similar to Nixon’s.

  10. Sunshiner
    Sunshiner at |

    Did we forget Franklin pierce who didn’t even know was a president until very recently and does have VERY interesting hair going on.


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