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  1. Ken at |

    What? The notorious Captain Midnight, who hacked into HBO's satellite feed back in the 80's, missed the cut? Ouch!!


  2. Geoff at |


  3. Allison at |

    I love this list. I got to see Kevin talk at a conference hosted by Goldstein in which I received one of Kevin's business cards

  4. Best-Name at |

    Hey, it seems to be a lack of russian hackers ))))))

  5. marsh mellow at |

    Where is the creator of I LOVE YOU virus?

  6. Empiretucci at |

    The best hacker of all time is the one who hasnt been caught he or she is the shadow of technological activity p.s. Hackers rule!!!google deadpoolmak90s

  7. Ovidiu C. at |

    Hello, I would like to use the photo with Fred Cohen for my project about viruses for my Computer Class, in the 6th grade. I am from Bucharest, Romania., I’m studying at the National College of Informatics Tudor Vianu. Thank you!

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      We don’t know who owns the rights to this image, but you are welcome to use it.

  8. marsh floyd at |

    Onel de guzman ? the creator of the “ILOVEYOU” v virus ? aw

  9. Clockwork at |


    1. lollies at |

      lol… yeah right..

  10. Kabal at |

    “By the end of it all, Levin was able to successfully, but fraudulently transfer about $10.7 dollars from Citibank accounts into ones he had set up. ”

    $10.7? Is that it? I think there may be a slight typo there

    1. Shell Harris at |

      Oops, yeah. That is hardly worth the effort. Obviously it is $10.7 million. Now corrected. Thanks.


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