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  • Bob

    Great Article, and some really good points were brought across. For those unfilled in, the SS recruited several thousand Bosnian and Croatian Muslims to fight Titio’s partisans. Might be something to look into.

  • Lee Standberr

    Good article, I commend the Toptenz master for giving the go on this one.

  • Crimson Jihad

    Bashar a l Assad? At this moment in time, he`s fighting Al Qaeda..

    • rajimus123

      uuh no he’s not, he’s decimating his own people and giving al-Qaeda a foothold within the Syrian freedom movement.

      • Crimson Jihad

        Yes. I`ve never got that. Whenever people in Arab countries “rise up,” for some reason, Al-Qaeda join in. like what happened in Libya with Colonel Gaddafi. In my view, we should have more Gaddafi`s, Saddam Hussein`s and Assad`s to sort out Islamic fanatics. Like the ones in Mali now..

  • Jonathan Reiter

    The TopTenz Master deserves props!

  • Paul. A

    Oh hum…..

  • Anon

    lol i just thought i’d point out this list is kind of muslim against muslim. like the first and second ones mentioned. muslims are mad at a muslim women for wearing a swimsuit. muslims make a bomb and another muslim tattles on them. its a double edge sword really.

    (ps: i only read the first one and the title of the second one)

    (pps: yes im ignorant jaajajajaajaja)

    (ppps: no im not mexican/spaniard jaajajajajajaja)

    (pppps: yes i’m aware that some mexicans/spaniards use “ja” instead of “ha”)


    (ppppps: I’m going to fail my exam tomorrow 🙁 !)

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    It is a good article but I would’ve liked to learn about inspiring stories involving Muslim not in the context of the war on terror and other armed conflicts. What about the regular Muslims who are doctors and teachers and firefighters and plumbers. Our neighbors and colleagues. As I’ve mentioned I liked the article but still feel like its painting a picture that there are only to kinds of Muslims, those we are fighting and the few who help us fight them whether litteraly, philosophicaly or culturally. But what about the every day Muslims, they are the ones who I believe are the victims of the most insidious form if racism, the one hidden behind a smile and a handshake.

    • I’m not sure the stories of doctors and lawyers would be as interesting, just going from our readership. I agree those are more important, just not as interesting. Thanks for the comment.

      • Jim Ciscell

        I would also point out that number 2 is in fact a lawyer as well as former judge.

  • Cupcake

    Great list, however, you forgot to mention Malala Yousoufzai. The girl who was shot in the head for daring to seek an education. She has inspired amny around the globe by her bravery and determination.

    • Jim Ciscell

      Just as a point of information on that one, these lists are generally done quite in advance. That story had not yet broken when I wrote this or it certainly would have been given at least some consideration. I also put out a list at one point about the top ten movie franchises of the 2010s. At that time, there had been no announcement made about Star Wars coming back in 2015. The first comments that came in were naturally about Star Wars. However, top ten list are supposed to be for all time and that dear girl’s story has not been told fully yet. Given that in mind, I am not sure how it would have affected the list.

  • auto devis

    It is a good list but many great people were not mentionned

  • Joe

    Great List.

    Another one that could be on it is the hundreds of Egyptian Muslims who turned out for Mass to ensure that their Christian countrymen could celebrate Christmas in peace.

  • Asad Awan

    Hey Hey Mirza Masroor Ahmad was not a Muslim, The Ahmediya Group is not Muslims they claim to be Muslims but actually they are not. Every Muslim country have rules about them and according to rules they Are Ahmedi’s Not Muslims.

    • Yes. Definitely, you are right bro. The are Ahmaddi’s or Mirzai(in Pakistan). They are not Muslim. They are non-Muslim. Although they call themselves Muslim but actually they are not.

  • Too many stories of great Muslims are missing here. What about Quaid-e-Azam? He was a great leader. His succes story of founding Pakistan is really inspirational.

  • if you are a man with common sense then u will realize that people are good and bad but not religions

  • fail4sure

    Uh, 10 quassi-true fantasy stories don’t offset centuries of heathens slaughetring others for a false god. Nope…