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  • Andres Pabon

    Russia is indeed the largest country by area. But it’s population of 142,905,208 according to the 2010 census pales in comparison to many other countries population. China has a population of 1,339,724,852 according to a 2010 census, and many other countries such as India, Brazil and the United States have much more people. It is, though, the most populated country in Europe.

    • Rob

      Beat me to it. According to Wikipedia, Russia is the 9th most populous nation in the world.

    • JOHN

      You would think that everyone would know that China has the largest population in the world, but , as the article indicates, some people don’t know basic facts!

    • FRED

      Most of Russia is in Asia, not Europe.

  • Cristian Mirea

    This things are in the school books like History and Geography.At least from there I know them.

    • Timeea

      Some of these facts (half) are indeed taught in European schools, but Europeans are not the target audience of this article.

  • John

    This is a HUGE mistake: Russia it is not entirely an European country. Only a small part of it is it placed on this continent. “It’s elementary… dear Watson”.
    The bigger part is in Asia… and at some point Russia was spread also in Northern American continent – Alaska… and US of A bought it in 1867… So if you want to state an interesting fact – you can say that Russia was once spread over three continents :))

    What is to say about the number one man in the world… when he thinks of Europe as a COUNTRY… in which he has some origins… Sad… No one is learning anymore in school these days – not even the elementary classes…

    • FRED

      Obama is a Harvard educated lawyer, so I’m sure that he knows that Europe contains many countries; he probably meant to say “countries like in Europe” , or “countries like Europe has”.

    • Timeea

      That’s indeed interesting!

      Russia is geographically based in both Europe and Asia. Russia has never quite decided whether it is an European country, or an Asian country. Some claim that Europe and Asia are not actually separate continents. Instead, the European and Asian continents should be treated as one mega-continent called Eurasia. This is because, geographically, there is no real border between Europe and Asia – the choice of the Ural Mountains was largely arbitrary and based on history and politics. I mentioned the European Russia (nearly 4,000,000 sq km).
      It is not a separate country, but rather commonly called European Russia because of its historic cultural, political and social blending’s with European countries and peoples. More than 75% of the entire Russian population lives in European Russia. (

  • Waterboarder

    Sheesh, you`d think that was George Bush.. Remember when he said “Africa is a great country.” still, I wish the British Empire was still around. Then Africa wouldn`t be such a dump..

  • nataliya

    where are all the facts these are all videos,if you wan to have more people come on your website you have to put facts i am looking for the facts! and if you want to not be called losers i cannot blame them.

  • Lei Morales

    Please check your facts. Zeus did not appear as a “white bull” when he seduced Europa; he appeared as “the most beautiful CHESTNUT-COLORED bull”, a color which is far from being white.

  • d3mha

    its not Israel on the map. its PALESTINE