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  1. Lhurey
    Lhurey at |

    I live in the Philippines but never heard of Mysterious Hanging Coffins here. I love to know if you know which part in the Philippines that has the Mysterious Hanging Coffins.

    1. Timeea
      Timeea at |

      Hello, Lhurey!

      The hanging coffins can be found in Sagada in the Northern Luzon area of the country. Check out this interesting site for more info: http://www.transitionsabroad.com/publications/magazine/0507/travel_sagada_philippines.shtml
      (incl. recommended tour operators)

      Enjoy browsing the site!

  2. Radu Andrada Elena
    Radu Andrada Elena at |

    We all heard and probably made our peace with the ancient burial grounds so I think the hanging coffins could have got first place 🙂

  3. Crumpet
    Crumpet at |

    [email protected] number 6, for one thing, the guy looks out of proportion, another thing, the Mercedes is drawn wrong and looks like a Daewoo, if I were in the Mafia I don’t want to be remembered for driving a DAEWOO

    1. Jessy
      Jessy at |

      haha i was thinking the same thing. mafia driving a daewoo =/ well however the russians like it i guess lol

  4. Josean
    Josean at |

    The Great Pyramid is not the oldest….ever heard of the stepped pyramid?

  5. Nicole
    Nicole at |

    “Some coffins are cantilevered out on wooden stakes, while some lay on rock projections.”

    English is not your first language, this much is clear and you’ve only made the one mistake. Congratulations, English is very difficult to write correctly. You should in this case use the intransitieve form of the verb, thus the sentence becomes “Some coffins are cantilevered out on wooden stakes, while some LIE on rock projections.”

    To use use “lay” in this way, it needs an object, as in “I lay the book on the table,” or “I lay myself down to sleep.”

    1. fragge
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  6. auntiemeem
    auntiemeem at |

    Re: the Great Pyramid : No body was ever found in it, there are zero hieroglyphics or inscriptions anywhere and there isn’t even a doorway. Nobody could ever find a way in so they eventually dynamited their way in where they determined there was a passageway using radar or whatever. There’s not a scrap of evidence that the Great Pyramid was ever used as a tomb. Why would some guy by such an egomaniac to build a giant tomb for himself then not write his name on it? Egyptologists admit they never found a body there but they still describe it as a tomb for some reason.

  7. blaqxip
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    Tulcan cemetery is awesome and unforgettable.


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