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  • Old fart

    I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t disagree more with this list. A few are well placed but in general there are many more beautifull girls who deserve to be here. And Salma Hayek’s “natural” attributes aren’t really that natural. Go check it up.
    And Garcelle Beauvais is very plastic wouldn’t you say?

  • Roderick Rutledge

    Congratulations and thank you for another wonderful list. Yes, all the women of the world are beautiful, unfortunately many of the unfairer sex are not. I find it difficult to understand the criticism that this list will inevitably attract. Quite obviously, this is one mans/groups list, and subject to bias, if you don’t like the list , go make a website and publish a list, and wait for the criticism. Or shut the xxxx up, as it were.
    Thank you again, and I hope to see more lists (perhaps including a Polynesian and a Colombian beauty).

    • Lee Standberry

      Thanks for the compliment – those are some good ideas for a list – what does our resident webmaster, owner and master of this domain think? Lee

      • I think we are on our third list like this and we need a break. I don’t want to be confused with a gentleman’s site, know what I mean?

    • Please feel free to include some names in your comments. We can add pictures to comments to showcase any women you think should be included from those cultures.

  • darkknight9761

    Very good list. I’ve always had an affection for Salma Hayek ever since her role in “From Dusk Till Dawn”. She’s a classy lady, and quite an accomplished actress.

  • Jotopsy

    Anyone actually READ these articles?

  • Paul

    why is it, that it`s always the gorgeous women, who are really nasty, or bimbo brains like Catherine Howard from The Tudors, and the ugly ones who are really nice? I`ve never got it..

  • Archie Leach

    Mila Kunis came to the United States when she was 7 and is as American (valley girl) as you can get.

    • Cosmetic Surgeon

      If you find Mila Kunis beautiful, then perhaps you should see the picture of Haifa Wehbe, a Lebanese celebrity looking very much like Mila, except she is more beautiful. By the way, Selma Hayek is also of Lebanese origin.

      • In case you want to see Haifa Wehbe, here she is. Please thank her for visiting.

  • Archie Leach

    Where’s Monica Bellucci?

  • Jonathan

    Does the person who compiled this list of “More” international beauties, realize that 2 of the entries (#3 and #5) also appear on the original international beauty list?

    • This list was a bit of a snafu for Toptenz. We asked people to write lists and three authors took this article and we decided to publish them all. It won’t happen again.

  • Ashraf

    Aya Ueto is a new face but she look pretty, Rihanna and Salma Hayek not only beautiful but sexy and the last Aishwarya i like her as a Indian

    • aishwarya rai is nothin b4 aya ueto , evn in 50 madona loks btr than aishwarya rai, aishwarya loks vry ugly nw than her 25. look aya ueto vl bcm mor fmous by 40, wait n c.

  • faheem khan


  • Gabriela

    Mila Kunis isn’t that pretty…

  • Lil’ Blind Batman Boy

    Even your international lists have an american flavor 🙂

  • random guy

    It’s Bangalore …

  • Laila

    Salma Hayek is very beautiful.

  • clint

    5’8″ not particularly tall? Yes, 5’8″ is particularly tall for a woman; thank you very much!

    • Lee Standberry

      True, in general, but not for many of the women you find in fashion.

  • daddyostjames

    #9 Eva riccobono looks like a tranny just saying??(‘;’)??