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  1. Kay
    Kay at |

    Great and interesting list.

  2. Crazy2lolo
    Crazy2lolo at |

    Oooooooops!!!! That's it with PAYPAL for me……………….. Now that I know things about PAYPAL !!!!

    1. Taniyam
      Taniyam at |

      To be safe with your money do as I do. Have two accounts one with the bulk of my money the other to pay bills. The pay bills account must not have more than the amount required to pay the bill. You must have a online accounts where your cant transfer money easily and securely. My pay-out account never has more than a couple of dollars or pounds or euros.

  3. Equalizer
    Equalizer at |

    Some of this scams have advertisement posted in this site.

  4. Ulf Wolf
    Ulf Wolf at |

    Great post.

    Perhaps I can just add to this that the best way to guard against being ripped off by online sales or auctions of any kind, Craigslist and eBay includedâ??and whether seller or buyerâ??is to use a *bona fide* online escrow company. Especially for pricier items like antiques, jewelry and autos. Although it does add some cost, it takes the uncertainty out of the transaction, and thatâ??s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

    For my money, the best bona fide online escrow (and there seems to be ten fraudulent escrow sites for every bona fide one) is probably Escrow.com (http://escrow.com). In fact, itâ??s the only one that eBay recommends, and is the only online escrow company that is licensed to provide escrow services all across the United States.

    Take care,

    Ulf Wolf

  5. Mick Rogers
    Mick Rogers at |

    Yes I've seen most of these; the most worrying one is PayPal for me and lots of other people I reckon…a good post

  6. Flights to Johannesb
    Flights to Johannesb at |

    Great well done.

  7. Mitch
    Mitch at |

    Very nicely researched and written. The only one I've ever come close to falling for was the virus one when the software thing popped up. Very long time ago, and I'm not sure what it was, but something told me it didn't seem right. Took me forever to get out of it; had to basically just turn my computer off because I couldn't even close the browser. You're absolutely right, even those of us who might consider ourselves a bit more savvy than the norm need to be cautious.

  8. Sharon
    Sharon at |

    Great post have seen some of these sites and have received anonymous e-mails. Good researched.

  9. cheryl
    cheryl at |

    I recieve hundreds of emails in one day I can add up the money I've inherited or won, into the 100 million dollars. It is really getting to be a big pain in the butt ,Especially with the economy, the way it is. Alot of people will have false hope. Keep up the good work and get all of the scams out in the open as soon as possible, because there are vitctims every day, hoping their life can be made much simpler.

  10. susan
    susan at |

    Was almost scamed until I researched more but I have given my name, address, phone number, I did not give out any financial information, Now that the scammers have my name, address and phone# what will happen?

    1. Mary B
      Mary B at |

      Your name, address, email and phone number will likely be put on a list and sold. At least that’s what happened to me. Even though my number was on the do not call list, my phone rang incessantly. I had enough and changed my number. Hope this doesn’t happen to you too!

      1. Jack Capobianco
        Jack Capobianco at |

        I have used PayPal numerous times without a problem. Call PayPal and verify the account. The best way – if they want to pay using a method that will have to clear an account, hold the item until payment has been received. That is how ebay works. Wait for confirmation.

  11. susan
    susan at |

    Was about to make an automotive deal on craigslist until I found out it's a scam. I have not responded back, what do I do to end the deal? Do I just respond and say I am no longer intrested?

    1. Mary B
      Mary B at |

      I answered one that was a scam too. I called their bluff and told them my brother coincidentally lived in the neighboring town and would come over to check out the vehicle and take it for a test drive. If all was good I would give my brother the money to consolidate the deal. Obviously, I was never able to get a response and the ad disappeared (surprise, surprise)! Craig’s list has some pretty savvy advice before you buy. Good luck!

  12. Mariusz
    Mariusz at |

    Cheque metod of payment is like opening doors for scamers

  13. Matt
    Matt at |

    Ive run into this stuff hundreds of times and they were all obviously scams to me. This article served to disprove its own point that smart isn’t good enough. All this stuff is OBVIOUSLY fake. A lottery from another country? C’MON! You’d have to be an absolute idiot.

  14. rajan
    rajan at |

    Also, scamsters using business opportunities especially franchising as an option using internet to get in touch with wealthy entrepreneurs. so check **** fraud in google before you go and partner with any company.

  15. hendrik du preez
    hendrik du preez at |

    Hello can you put paypal bank account international and free lotto as scammers and fraud the people say they pay money in my account their and their is nothing free lotto send you that you win someting like a tv laptop holiday coupons and they say you win we will deliver it at your house then they do it not then you ask them then they say sorry thats for new ones so that is how they stolen from people thanks tp put it all over that people must look out for them thanks hendrik du preez

  16. Sexy Black
    Sexy Black at |

    The love of money is the root of all evil

  17. 2lolo
    2lolo at |


  18. edland
    edland at |

    I almost fell to a scam , basically what happened was a woman called me with an indian accent telling me I was granted 8 thousand dollars grant money . First I was sceptical about the situation. Hey got bills, fall on hard times , different worrys in life. The catch was I send them $250.oo thru western union. I almost did. Came close. I need to find out if it legit. The number originated in new York.4 weeks before that they were going to give me 7 thousand.smh I am going to track them down . I need the number to the fbi.smh

  19. Retha Gorman Davis
    Retha Gorman Davis at |

    Retha Gorman Davis is a scammer she is living in 5 brimer circle Heflin Alabama 36264 they made away with all my money when i fell in love with her she connive with her daughter and scam me please incase you have any useful information about Retha Gorman Davis let me know she will be arrested soon

    1. Cathina Haynes
      Cathina Haynes at |

      So, how’d that work out for you?

  20. adedoyin
    adedoyin at |

    I will like to comment that worst fraudulent scam site in the world didn’t make your list of worst 10. A site called enoasis.com is by far the most fraudulent. The have a neteork of about 9 diffrent sites they use in reaping people off hard end money. The have genuine products on their site with really discounted prices but once you pay they nevr send the goods and the send you a fake tracking numbr. They are also called enisland.com and several other fake aliases. I really wish they can be cracked downas. Was a victim.

  21. B.emoni
    B.emoni at |

    This guy name Hector Henderson tried to scam me on a online dating site.Immediately he started saying how much he love me and want to get marry. I knew then something wasnt right. Especially when he said he had to go to west Africa to closed his dead fathers business. After two weeks of us talking he began to say he need some document in order for them to give him the money from his dads business. He was to get 750,00 but this document he needs cost him 950.00. He said for our future to send him the money. Im so glad my mother didnt raise no fool! I told him no and good luck. And erase my number too! Unfortunately theres some people out there who fall for this type of scam.

  22. Peter
    Peter at |

    Hey everyone,
    has anyone had any dealings with Anthony Morrison hidden millionaire, and is he genuine or fake
    any feedback would be great.

  23. Michael Warren
    Michael Warren at |

    All in all does that make the Internet one big scam?

  24. Cheryl
    Cheryl at |

    Recently tried to get a loan from advance america..they said I needed to send them a pay pal worth one hundred fifty dollars..then asked for one hundred and twenty..still did not process loan called them to get a refund back and said they couldnt..anyway to get my money back

  25. theresa
    theresa at |

    Just recently someone keeps posting this wild messages. I’m quiting my job so I can work from home and make 425. A day. I hate my boss and so on and so on. I changed my password then it came up again the next day. So irrtating!!!!!!!!!

  26. Kenny Lim
    Kenny Lim at |

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  27. SB
    SB at |

    Its depressing and brutally painful how i keep trying to find a job online and avoid being forced to emigrate and leave my loved ones behind…is not about being rich, but there is NO jobs here in South Europe…i struggled so hard so much… I wish so much to work online since my country economy destroyed my future, but i cant leave my loved ones behind and some of them need assistance from me. A online job would bring me the relief and the end of my major depression. I dont believe in getting rich online, but at least, some sustainable income, i can’t and i dont want to emigrate! i hate being alive in this world i am so tired of suffering!!!!


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