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  • David

    put more effort into this and re do it. bad choices

  • Genie in a Bottle

    Ok…you might think “Puff” deserves two counts, but I will best the #1 & #2 spot with one that I am sure EVERYONE has possibly forgotten about. How about the rapper who goes or went by the name Kid Cuddy? Ok, from what I was told by a few friends from the South, the name Cuddy has vaginal connotations behind it. Now please tell me, WHO IN THERE RIGHT DAMN MIND wants to be named not only Kid but a female organ as well?

    • John

      First of all, it’s spelled cudi. Second, his real name is Scott Mescudi. Mes”cudi”. His rap name was first Lil’ Scott coming from his name Scott Mescudi, and then it switched to Super Kid, and then it went to Kid Mescudi to Kid Cudi. Check your facts.

  • brian

    Really, pick on rap? That’s like picking on a retarded kid.

    • P.Daddy

      True dat dog
      u my homies now

      • real

        most of those rappers are rich more than i can say to you broke people apparently they are smarter than you

  • Dom

    there was an article in the source about Jaz-O the originator. he was Jay’s mentor and best friend, without Jaz, Jay would not have got to where he is today… real talk!
    so he basically stole the name!

    • LMAO!!!!

      LMAO!!!!! please, if Jaz-O taught Jay-Z all he knows why’s he broke?

      • cause he didn’t understand the business side of it… a screwed himself out of a contract in the early days that would’ve made him some money.
        and money changes people tell me why jay-z has never supported his friend?

      • David Robinson

        Nobody said he taught Jay-Z everything he knows. But everyone whoever wrote this silly little article knows, that Jaz-O is the story of how Jay-Z got his name.

        • Tye

          If Jaz was smart he would of signed his contract.

  • Name

    Biggie Smalls referred to Puff Daddy as P Diddy and Diddy in his songs… I guess your only off by a few years. In my opinion, getting a nick name from one of the greatest rappers of all time is a little different than making one up in an attempt to seem edgy.

  • Avid reader

    Actually you got Jay Z’s origins down incorrectly. It was a play off his mentor’s, Jaz-O’s, name. Get it together…

  • box

    Wow lame attempt to be funny without knowing the backgrounds smh no yell™

  • NoOneNeedsToKnow

    I’ve heard way worse. 90% of these names aren’t even that bad. Let’s see you try to come up with a unique nickname!!

  • Canlexis

    Do your research!! For Memphis Bleek.. Bleek was a nickname ..his real name is Malik and he’s younger sister as a child couldn’t pronounce she would call him Bleek.

    • anyhony

      Where did Memphis come from?

      • Muhammed Alli

        Legend has it that he took a trip and loved it so much he added it to his name.

  • ScorpiHo

    Gonna have to disagree with Posdnuos. It’s classic…

    • JoeRokhed

      Posdnous (SoundSop) AND Trugoy (Yogurt) of De La Soul used a backwards spelling as their respective “stage names”. At the end of the day, anyone who truly respects the art of Rhyme is far less concerned with the questionable origins of the artist’ name than questionable rap skills. Do an article about Lyrics that make no sense, but for god’s sake PLEASE know what the hell you’re talking about when you do…NEXT time!

    • Muhammed Alli

      Yeah but his rap partners name is better Truegoy, YOGEURT backward


    Sounds like another lame white attempt to discredit rap or make it look ignorant and only making YOSELF look ignorant. This its one of the most ridiculous articles ever read.

  • Mike

    This is the lamest article I have ever read in a while. I understand you’re trying to be funny or even worse insinuating how ridiculous rappers can be but unfortunately you failed at both attempts. I say if these guys bother you so much stop paying attention to them. I’m sure there’s plenty of non rap music to keep you happy and so “sophisticated”.

  • Jackson in Albany, NY

    In the end, this is just not funny or insightful enough. You don’t have to be a rap historian or even familiar with rap, but if you are going to do a post like this, you cannot be tone deaf to the genre. It just didn’t work. Stick to Hard Rock, Country, Classical or something that you can squeeze a little irony/humor out of. Thanks.

  • Chuck

    Always thought Stick-Up Kid would be a cool name for a rapper.

  • Brooklyn-

    The fact that U even did an article on this at all is by far worse of a choice than any of the people in your list made regarding their names……

  • nikonmikon

    Just so you know Bun B’s name does originate from Bunny but the B is not random, it’s his first initial: Bernard. Everyone used their initials back then.

  • Creflow Dollars

    I dont understand the point of articles like this. The writer clearly has some sort of anti rap bias so why would they bother writing something like this? Not to mention the fact that half the entries are inaccurate


    OP is short for OPERATOR
    If u were a Die Hard DE LA SOL FAN U WOULD KNOW THAT

    • Please

      So M&M is not a stupid name huh? Or how about Vanilla Ice? Let me go on.

      Bubba Sparks
      Machine Gun Kelly
      Yela Wolf

      Yeah you guessed it!! This is a list of ALL or most of the dumb names of white rappers. I figured I would make things even since this topic is directed at making black rappers look bad.

      • nikonmikon

        I’m not sure how you deduced that this article is aimed at making black rappers look bad…

        Machine Gun Kelly is a pretty notorious gangster, nothing lame about that moniker.

      • jay

        Don’t forget about Lil Whyte and Riff Raff

  • Jigga

    This has to be the dumbest thing ive seen…on line
    plublisher is obvioously lacks a lot on the hip hop topic
    and to have the same candidate in two different numbers really shows the profession in this article.
    this is garbage and only used to get “views”…… must be a hipster
    anyways get informed and at least research before making yourself look like a fool
    and it looks like all your feedback was negative,,,,,,

  • DOM

    Ok. Memphis Bleek got his name because he is from Memphis and his real name is Malik. But his little sister could barely pronounce his name and she called him Bleek.

    And Flo-Rida has that name because of the way he raps with so many syllables in his verses and its like hes “riding the flow” lol

    Bun B got his name because of the Bunny part. LOL. but the B stands for Bernard….. Thats his government name. lol. Bernard.

    Snoop Doggs real name is not Calvin. Its Kordazar… lol. Weird huh? And he got it because he loved watching Snoopy on tv.

    AND the reason Puff Daddy changed his name to P.Diddy is because Biggie used to call him that.

    You cant just make up random facts about people. Know what youre posting before you put up misleading information about people that make more money than you.

  • mr3evans

    Ignorance at it’s best…

  • Daniel

    that was hard to read but I stopped once I read the Ludacris one because that was just plain stupid…you said he should of named himself wacky or crazy or MC Looney Tunes intsead of Ludacris lmao and the reasoning behind was just extremely retarded..sorry