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13 Responses

  1. Cameron at |

    I was going to be horribly upset if Shake Weight wasn't on here. It has been the laughing stock of my entire group of friends that I hang out with since the release. I love being immature.

  2. blake honda at |

    p90x deserves a spot in this countdown.

  3. Chuy at |

    Shake weight should have been number 1…

  4. Ezmelts at |

    What? P90X didn't make it to this list!?

    And it's just my personal opinion but the Slap Chop should be #1.

  5. anonymous at |

    Magic bullet should be #1

  6. Nocturnesthesia at |

    Both of my teenage brothers actually begged me to buy them Sham-Wows. I weep for our youth. That being said, if my daughter ever asks me for a Shake Weight I might have to go headbutt a bullet.

  7. fanatik at |

    Please let Billy RIP!

  8. Jenna at |

    Listed under related Links:
    10 Devastating Nuclear Events and Accidents.

  9. Meltzer media at |

    Nice review of some of the more popular infomercials. I think you’ve identified most of them.

  10. Dani at |

    I’m really disappointed that the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie isn’t on this list. Set it, and forget it!

  11. wonderwhat at |

    ok, were you born in 1997 and just put what you have personally seen down without looking up actual messed up late night commercials? the shake weight may be one but the rest of these are pretty lame. A few years back in 2006 the home shopping channel at night was selling dildos on television later the sales department thought it would be a great idea to sell them at 6pm, the show received thousands of hate mail from parents and others in which the show lost alot of respect. in the 80s, 90s, and 2000,s Peter Popoff sold holy water on live tv at night making millions from retarded people around the country. How about the pet rock? that was originally sold on tv. do your homework man this top ten is pretty weak.

  12. daddyostjames at |

    unbelievable!!!!! The George foreman grill change the world and launched $50,000,000,000 empire !!!(‘;’)


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