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  1. Borten at |

    Reminds me of the publications they feature on Have I Got News For You. One week ‘Barbed Wire Collector’ magazine was featured, which begs the question who the hell is collecting barbed wire?!

    1. Shell Harris at |
  2. Repack Rider at |

    Back when I was putting out the first magazine for mountain bikers, a niche market of maybe 1500 in 1984, there was a cartoonist who contributed a strip about mountain biking to my magazine (The Fat Tire Flyer).

    He had created a cartoon character named Drywall Dolly for his other commercial strip, in a drywall trade magazine. I never read any of her adventures.

  3. Shell Harris at |

    I still think Cat Fancy is a joke to this day. Can it really be a magazine for Cats? I thought that the Internet was solely for cats fanciers.

  4. Graham at |
  5. David at |

    private islands arent all that farfetched… you threw out $50,000,000 when really that is a very abnormal outlier. islands go for 150,000 all the time. which is a little more affordable dontcha think?


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