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  • hannahgartrell

    I've never commented or been tempted to comment before but my god this is the most pretentious entry I've ever read on this blog- and that is definitely saying something given the tone adopted in most posts.

    • Dan

      After reading that intro I knew that I’ll be wasting my time reading the list. I decided to scan the comments to see if it confirmed my thoughts. Well I have a few extra minutes to read something else.

  • TopTenzMaster

    Hannah, are you saying most of the posts on this blog are pretentious (Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.)? If so, I think that is the nature of most top 10 lists that are quantifiable. And since many of these lists are subjective that is bound to happen from time to time. As always I invite our readers to write their own list for submission. You can make it as down to earth as you like. Thanks for reading and congratulations on your first comment. I hope there will be many more…although a bit more positive. 😉

  • Billster

    Oh wow, a Krispy Kreme Cheese burger with bacon.

  • Txdaddy

    Its not funny, it doesn’t make much sense and it is snobish.

    • sdasd

      Agreed. This writer fixates on too many mundanely boring details that hold zero significance; why does this warrant a top 10 count down? I didn’t experience any suspense while reading or catharsis upon reaching the conclusion. I love how someone who only has a bachelors degree automatically assumes they are the high authority on the language (maybe after you get a master’s degree ” then we’ll talk”). It’s generally a bad idea to introduce anything by bragging, let alone a piece that needs not be told in the first person:”I graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor’s Degree in English.”

      • renee

        These days a BA isnt worth much.

  • Gargoyle

    I agree with hannahgartrell and Txdaddy!!! Bad post, doesn’t make sense and seems like a list of personal grievences with how things are advertised on menus than blunders. Does make some valid points but just not a good quality list. TopTenzMaster u seemed a little Upset by hannah’s comment and even a little hostile. Calm down a bit pal chill av a lil smoke n get away from the computer 1nce in a while. Site is overall very good though thanks.

  • Ge

    I read this expecting it to be funny. It was just annoying ranting.

  • Jan

    Honest question:
    I thought it was spelled Bleu cheese. Which is it?
    Also, while this list is an interesting read, most of the stuff on here aren’t menu blunders–just restaurant blunders.

  • Keith Watabayashi

    Wow I want my time back. You fail at top ten lists.

  • Robin

    I thought it was funny.

  • Christina Moore

    That Krispy Kreme burger concoction is absolutely disgusting! I do not know why or how anyone could actually eat that.

  • David

    Just wanted to comment on #2 and #3. I was in a Chinese restaurant recently where I noticed one of the items listed on the menu was “fred” rice. I allowed for the fact that the person who wrote it did not speak English as a first language.

    As far as number 3 is concerned, in some states, a restaurant or eating establishment is allowed to use the words ” home made” if it is part of the product description on the package,(ie. “home made” apple pie), even if it is not, technically, home made.

  • Pile of Pooh

    Not funny or entertaining. Not even a little bit.

    You’ll make a perfect English professor: provincial, condescending, and boring. Failing that, you can look forward to your career in fast food.

    • renee

      agreed! comment on capitalization?!

  • Eric

    “Maybe, but at least it’s not blatantly contradictory like ‘jumbo shrimp.’ Don’t get me started.”

    There is NOTHING contradictory about that phrase. “Shrimp” is the name of an animal, some of which may be described by a size such as “jumbo.” “Shrimp” is not a size, and this is non an oxymoron like is commonly claimed.

    The Penn State English department hangs its head in shame over this “word-nerd”.

  • Liz

    Wow what a snob! Was the “I graduated from Penn State….” really necessary? Congrats, word-nerd, on your almost useless degree. Some of these things are amusing (the “au jus” thing), but most of it is just nit-picking over marketing techniques. Yeah, we should never expect adequacy (#6), but putting those buzzwords/phrases in their menus is good advertising.

    I’m graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a BS in biochemistry, and being a science nerd, your presence in the gene pool upsets me.

  • joebecca

    This is the dumbest list i’ve ever read.

  • John

    The Kriswpy Kreme burger is called a Luther Burger. I have been following it a long time. It was originally sold at a place called Mulligans just outside of Atlanta, Ga. The place closed down in ’08. The Grizzlies sold them for a short while.

    It should be noted, a real Luther Burger has an egg as well. Thats a horrible picture you have as an example though. Doesnt make my mouth water at all.

    I have convinced several people to try one and they all loved it, despite initial hesitations and concerns. (All the burgers were hoomemade, cant buy them anywhere here.)

    Just so it is known, I am a skinny person who is very athletic. I just love food.

  • AlexDob

    haha, shrimp scampi. Thanks for the article! and for the record, I do think I want to try one of those Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Time to start exercising and dieting so I can actually eat one without too many repercussions!

  • Mini

    I thought it was funny, but it was awfully pretentious. And this word nerd fails to consider other languages in its nerdiness. He gives other people a hard time for not understanding other languages but his “Come Circa Italiano” makes no sense. It uses the wrong ‘about’ since circa is ‘about’ in the sense of ‘about a dozen’ not ‘about something’. Italian doesn’t really have the ‘how about this’ English does. It would be more like “E L’Italiano?” which is the basic translation. Oops.

  • Slartibartfast

    While not all of the transgressions on this list bother me, I always cringe when I see “with au jus” on a menu. Sometimes though, menu typos are just plain funny. There is a restaurant in an industrial district here in Oshawa, Ontario with a “sandwich board” style ad out on the street to snag passers-by. It reads “Breakfast… Full Coarse Meals.”. Strangely, the other side of the sandwich board spells course correctly. It always makes me chuckle to see it though… I prefer my meals “fine.”

  • Red

    How can you even sit down at a resaurant with that stick so far up your ass?

    Red at Wicked Improper

  • Greg

    Donut cheeseburgers? NASTY !

  • Giu Syndome

    Yeah, I agree. “Come Circa Italiano” is translated word-for-word literally from English, which you can not do with Italian. “E L’Italiano” is good, or even the slightly longer “Che Ne Pensi Dell’Italiano?” (lit. “What do you think of Italian?”, but basically means “How about Italian?”)

  • rea

    if u look at home made in the dictionary, the meaning is varied. home-made?? made from home,
    made crudely by the hand, made by don’t see their point..they used the word home-made to let the consumer know that someone made it and not a machine..either way, nobody knows if its true in all cases…

  • mr_pbg


  • me

    Terrible list. Kill it