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  1. Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor at |

    Could the adlet be inuit impressions of the Norse that lived in Greenland between the 11th and 14th centuries?

  2. Clive888
    Clive888 at |

    Am I only one who thinks the bishop fish should be called a fishop

    1. David
      David at |

      nope! thats exactly what i thought

  3. Chore Boy
    Chore Boy at |

    I think antlion (like the bug) would have been a much more fitting name for the mermeclion lol. Also, I wonder why somebody would name a prominent part of our brain after something that was half horse and half dolphin (assuming that’s what it was named after). If it wasn’t named after that, you’d think there would have been a better word to use than one such as that. Strange…

  4. AmaRti
    AmaRti at |

    Well how about that. I’m from Poland, I’m interested in legends and I’ve heard about the Bishop Fish yet the “polish” side of the story story is new to me. But that’s good. It’s always good to learn something new.
    Pretty obscure bestiary. I’d be nice if someone include them into some fantasy realm (might as well be an RPG).

  5. isolation bordeaux
    isolation bordeaux at |

    Adlet is the only one that looks really cool

  6. FMH
    FMH at |
  7. Edog573
    Edog573 at |

    Finally, im doing a project and didn’t know what a cockatrice was. THANKS

  8. Daphs
    Daphs at |

    No, antlions are real, but they aren’t an ant with a lion’s head. The term refers to the larval form of Myrmeleontidae, AKA the “doodlebug”. They dig holes in the sand and wait for ants (or whatever else) to fall in. They have been called a “lion among ants”, hence antlion. The adult form is kind of like a damsel fly. Science, people.
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