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  • Monty

    Super like for Rybolovlev Estate a dream home.. Sorry Mr Ambani more jobs would have been generated if money could have been invested in expansion of your venture……

  • Jane

    Incredible homes but what about Asetti’s ” James Bond House”. I think that had a projected cost of around $250 million. And that was without the land to build it on. Have to say it is the most spectacular home design I ever seen. Straight out of a James Bond movie. Awesome man.

  • ally

    I really wouldn’t want to live in a huge house even if I were rich.
    That’s a considerable waste of space and materials, and what an impact on the environment!
    I believe a medium-sized home would be ideal. Too cramped would probably be uncomfortable, but too big would be a burden and a waste.

  • Zakirova f

    There’s an odd-looking building in South Mumbai in India that looks like it’s under construction, only that it’s finished and furnished. And by how much. Called the Antilia, after mythical island in the Atlantic, the building is famous not for its odd structures of extra high ceilings and protruding floors; it’s the second most expensive house today at $1 billion. Barring the Buckingham Palace, which is valued at $1.55 billion, it would have been our most expensive house in our list, as has named it in 2014. In fact, Forbes cited that it’s the first house (other than palaces) to breach the $1 billion range.

    Our infographic of the world’s most expensive houses compares the home values against the British Royal’s residence. Interestingly, the palace is not the most ornate or opulent among palaces; Saudi royals and sheiks are known to live more lavishly, beating their European counterparts. But property value is not just about what the house is, but who lives in it. The Queen of England lends to the palace a value higher than the structure’s worth.

    Likewise, property value is all about where it is. It’s no surprise that Kensington in Southwest London has three entries in our list, a known favorite playground by the world’s billionaires. The usual suspects, Aspen, Beverly Hills, and Palm Beach, are also included.

  • Cal Jamerson

    There is a house under construction in Los Angeles (Bel Air) that will reputedly list for 1/2 Billion USD. There is another house in Beverly Hills (on 25 ACRES IN BEVERLY HILLS)!!! It was initially listed at $195M, but was dropped to a measly $150M, and is now no longer listed. I assume it sold. Certainly these two should find their way onto your list, along with a $115M house in Bel Air, 15 Bed, 57,957 Sq Ft, Baths20 Full, 16 Half Bath, Lot Size 2.99 Acres.

    I love your articles they are at the same time enlightening and very entertaining.