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3 Responses

  1. Frank at |

    Nice list, amazing what they can do these days… Having said that the Nano Santa looks like the color was photo-shopped on sneaky…

    Thanks for the list.

  2. smiley faces and pacman at |

    Boy!! the description on pacman to smiley faces and to santa are JUST SUPPERB —— I browsed like 50 of this top tenz i have been so tired AND on the verge of collapse,,…THIS THING showed up ( it just made my day),,,, GooD JoB ON ThE Description twisT ……. HA…..those were F_ _ _ uP ,,,,,,, hahahaha! :’-) :-) :-0

  3. ping at |

    makes me wanna ask, what if we are nano entities ourselves located in a fat guy’s butt crack?


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