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  1. YogiBarrister
    YogiBarrister at |

    Great concept and list, except for Thatcher. Unlike the rest of the women, her influence was almost entirely negative. Eva Braun or Lady Mao would have been savvier choices if the listmaker is allowing evil women into her Valhalla. If she favors conservatives, then Ayn Rand should have been included, as she is still to this day, far more influential than Old Ironsides

    Although Mother Mary certainly is influential, her accomplishments are mythical, and she should have been cited as an honorable mention. There are plenty of candidates whose actual deeds are more noteworthy.

    1. Wedding Gal
      Wedding Gal at |

      Many people, yes Christians, believe Mary's accomplishments are not mythical, but factual. The author of this list obviously believes this to be the case as well. I do like your choices, Yogi. Thanks for sharing them.

    2. some random bloke
      some random bloke at |

      Pah, Thatcher fits there perfectly. She brought Britain back from the brink and put in place policies that survived a long time despite Labour's attempts to demolish them. Having taken credit for much of her legacy to start with they have finally succeeded. Shame we don't have enough leader with the same balls and focus as she had!

  2. Russell
    Russell at |

    This list proves just one thing… You apparently can't be a "hot chick" and influential at the same time.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Russell, I wouldn't say that. Mati Hari, as a spy, was very influential and looks like a "hot chick". Read this list of top 10 spies and see. Oh, heck – here is the picture.

      <img src="http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/mata-hari.jpg"/&gt;

    2. Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog
      Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog at |

      wow… and apparently you’re a chauvinist pig aren’t you?

  3. nolan
    nolan at |

    thank you for not putting Betsy Ross this might come as a shock but, BETSY ROSS DIDN'T MAKE THE AMERICAN FLAG!! if you've seen the original flag you will believe me. her grandson made up the myth.

  4. vince087
    vince087 at |

    cory aquino!

  5. Ashley
    Ashley at |

    Good list.

    I always find talk of Jane Goodall and others like her to be quite amusing. I've never understood how one can observe animals in a "natural habitat" while being present. Their presence makes it not so "natural" anymore, right?

    Maybe I'm just overthinking. Good list though.

  6. Beauty Care Girl
    Beauty Care Girl at |

    Great Post, although I would have loved to see this list with some more current women who have and who still are changing the world!

  7. James
    James at |

    Hey, first time checking out this website. Although I've been to several other top 10 lists. First off, I like how organized the site is. Kudos.

    I have an issue with #10. Jane Goodall…I've met her before, and several of my colleagues have even stayed with her for a few nights as guests. She has admitted herself, that her work is flawed. That almost every research she's done on chimps has been tainted. In her efforts to study chimps, they were unable to attract enough curious chimps for studies; so often time, they would create artificial environments that would look more appealing to the chimps. While it worked initially, and Ms. Goodall was able to study in depth, once other research facilities were open (years later), they found that by creating an attractive environment, they changed the behavior of the chimps; making them more aggressive, even cannibalistic.

  8. Louise
    Louise at |

    No Pankhursts? No Margaret Sanger? No Mary Wollstonecraft? No Simone de Beauvoir? Emma Goldman?

    I appreciate that there's a list, but it seems a very 'safe' list to me.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Louise, I would welcome another list of 10 Influential Women if you wish to write it. I like your additions, in any case. Thanks.

    2. James
      James at |

      Louise, make up a list of influential LEFTIST women, if you like.

    3. Dude96
      Dude96 at |

      They are not included because no one knows who they they are, so much for influence!

      1. Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog
        Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog at |

        so much for ignorance, huh?

    4. Toughguy
      Toughguy at |

      Let's keep this site non-political, we don't want to showcase anymore leftist socialist agenda or bias on this enjoyable site.

  9. davej
    davej at |

    Mother Teresa and the Virgin Mary? Why not include some more fictional female characters? How about Wonderwoman or Adam's Eve? Outside the Catholic hegemony Mother Teresa has been tainted by several accounts of her withholding pain medication from her dying patients. The manner in which her organization completely devoted itself to banking the donated $$$$ for the mother church rather than improving the conditions for the patients, and the obvious promotion of its leader as a fast-track saint is highly suspect.

  10. Elizabeth Abbott
    Elizabeth Abbott at |

    I enjoyed this article. Thank you for sharing. Interesting read and well presented!!

  11. BongoShaftsbury
    BongoShaftsbury at |

    Never send a girl to do a woman's job. Oh well, nice try though, at least Hannah Montana isn't on here.

  12. fatimehin olusola
    fatimehin olusola at |

    please i am a first timer on this wonderful site but i have not seeing what i am actually looking for.
    please i want the latest update on the most influential women on the globe.
    thank you.

  13. Hikari
    Hikari at |

    What about Murasaki Shikibu? She is often considered the writer of the world's first full length novel.

  14. Steve
    Steve at |

    Disappointed not to see Mary Seacole on here. Not only did she also go to the Crimea to nurse wounded (and dying) soldiers, she paid her own way there after being told by the posh nobs in charge that a woman of her colouring wouldn't be suited to the cold weather in Russia. Yes, part of the reason she doesn't get the recognition she deserves (and much more so than Florence Nightingale) is because she was black.

    1. Pam
      Pam at |

      We will always have a division of the races with comments like yours. We will never move past racial discrimination when every time someone still sees a lists they want to see a "spectrum of color" its what is on the inside people – get over yourself!!

  15. kay
    kay at |

    nice list but i would have added Princess Diana, the Queen of our hearts

    1. influential women
      influential women at |

      I would have included Benazir Bhutto and Princess Diana

  16. Mike
    Mike at |

    Remember that the list is "most *influential* women". Not "most selfless", "most positive role models", "most popular", etc.

    So, Mary Seacole probably doesn't make it due to being relatively unknown. Whether Lady Thatcher is considered a heroine or villianess is irrelevant compared to her level of influence. Murasaki Shikibu was a pioneer, but did she launch the novel as a medium? If not, then "first" but not necessarily "influential". And so on, and so on.

    Benazir Bhutto and Margaret Sanger certainly would have deserved consideration, and probably a couple of the others mentioned; whether they would deserve to "bump out" any of the ten listed is a tough call.

    Only real quibble is with Mary, #3 – not that she's on the list, but with the description. Catholics and Orthodox believe she remained a virgin for her whole life; Protestants in general only believe that she was a virgin up until Christ's birth. Also, while she may be "worshipped" in some areas, in general Catholics and Orthodox actually "venerate" her, a level of devotion greater than simple honor but less than worship (which properly is given only to God), while most Protestants do not venerate Mary. This is not to start a theological debate – who's "right" and who's "wrong" isn't relevant to the list at all – I just wanted to correct the description so the characterizations were accurate.

  17. Mariana Maia
    Mariana Maia at |

    I liked your list, but I have a little problem with that. Why the Queen Elizabeth is above the Virgin Mary? I think it's a silly choice. For me, it would be that way:

    1st: Virgin Mary

    2nd: Mother Teresa

    3rd: Queen Elizabeth

    I have that problem with the choices of the first places. But, thanks for remember Mother Teresa.

  18. SallyBeam
    SallyBeam at |

    Wow! These women are inspiring. I love to get inspired by people.

  19. Eicg
    Eicg at |

    It is quite a wonder to discover that the first Women's Rights Martyr was not even a westerner. She was from Persia (now Iran), Her name was Tahirih (The Pure One) or Quarratu'l-Ayn. She was executed simply because of showing her beautiful face.

    Mid-nineteenth century Persia saw the birth and quick stem of the new and controversial Faith. Its followers were called Babis and eventually, Baha'is. Up until that time in the world's history, women were seen as less than second class citizens. They could not own land, could not vote or excersise most any of the rights that men of the time (and we now)would take for granted. Now, after centuries of silence, women have found their voices and are themselves becoming vehicles for the changes and advancements of the world.

    A woman appearing unveiled, especially in context of the time and country in which she lived, was perceived as a sign of promiscuity and a grave transgression against the clegry and even God Himself.

    The moment Tahirih unveiled herself in Badasht, became the first act of public unveiling in Iranian history and the first agressive movement against the oppression of women everywhere.

    She was captured in 1852, along with other Babis, imprisioned and eventually executed that year. Dressed in white silk, she had prepared for her death with fasting and prayers. She was strangled with a silk handkerchief and then thrown into a well, later filled with stones and dirt.

    With her voice proclaiming a new day in which women and men would be equal she once said: "You can kill me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women."

    Maybe you could mention her in your list.




  20. red red
    red red at |

    Top 10 Most Influential Women between

    Top 10 Starting Pitchers since 2000 and Top 10 Myths About Sex

    i like the way you think

  21. Mr Jelich
    Mr Jelich at |

    Enjoyed it, thanks for the Post Although Princess Dianna Must be very close to Making this list.

  22. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    Having the Virgin Mary on the list killed it for me. What about Margaret Sanger or Golda Meir? Indira Gandhi? Not the best list.

  23. Jacqueline Applewhite
    Jacqueline Applewhite at |

    I will be gathering information from this site and many others for my next article in Today’s Texas Woman magazine on the most influencial who changed our world for the better. I am an historical writer and want to add a different dimension to the magazine which will inspire women from all walks of life to find their own special gifts and change their own world, one woman at a time.

    Since I am new at this, please don’t hesitate to email me with your suggestions of women who have been influencial in your life, or history, which have given you wings to fly, a heart to love, and a reason to live on the planet.

    Thank you.

    Jacqueline Applewhite

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Jacqueline – glad this article could be of use to you. If you do use it for your article, we would appreciate a source credit. Thanks.

  24. Zoe
    Zoe at |

    I’m glad Margaret Thacher is in the top 10! She truly deserves it! What a woman!


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