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  • grimslud

    Personally I don`t think Bush was in charge when he was president. It was Cheney. He was “The power behind the throne.” You telling me, someone that retarded was in charge? Someone who said, “I`m The Decider,” “It`s your job to spread chaos!” “During these past few months, I`ve been trained by al-Qaeda.” “I know the human being and fish can co-exist peacefully.” You telling me THIS man was in charge? Yeah right..

    • 5minutes

      There’s a lot of people who thought that. But the stories coming out of the Bush White House paint a very different picture, with Bush very much in charge from day one and Cheney happily playing along as the “evil emperor” as the loyal soldier, up until 2005 when Cheney started to be marginalized by underlings in the Bush administration to where, by the end of his term, he was basically just an office-filler.

      Bush may not be a great speaker, but he is a reasonably smart politician. Maybe not Clinton-smart (personal politics aside, that man is a chess grandmaster when it comes to playing the political game), but he’s not dumb.

  • Kyla Hope

    DAVE is number one! Yes! I agree that Kevin Kline was totally the best in that movie, and the plot was absolutely genius. Thanks for bringing attention to this totally awesome, amazing movie. :DD
    I now have to watch it again. xD

    • 5minutes

      Thanks! I first saw Dave because there was nothing better at the 99-cent movie theater in college… and I was floored as to how good it was.

      • Ha, same thing for me. College. 99-cents. Loved it too. Still so naive that I wonder why it can’t be that simple.

  • Jim Ciscell

    I love the list, but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the American President with Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd. It was the movie that directly inspired the West Wing tv show and even had Martin Sheen and Michael J. Fox in it as well. I believe that it also had a hand in forming Spin City.

    • 5minutes

      The American President’s a decent enough movie, but… God help me, I just can’t abide Michael Douglas. I’d have probably been kinder otherwise…

  • eatdogs

    That’s My Bush had an really really good W impersonator.

    I’d also like to add JFK, but it doesn’t fit in with this list. I just really like the movie JFK.

    • 5minutes

      JFK nearly ended up here with 13 Days, but not Stone’s flick. Stone’s flick was more about the post-assassination conspiracy than about the President himself.

  • marcel

    I think you missed one or two good ones.
    Bill Pullman in Independance Day
    Kurt Russel in Executive Decision
    Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact

    • 5minutes

      Bill Pullman was OK in ID4, but the performance was mostly cheese and the character was a weak-willed guy. Morgan Freeman was a solid performer and nearly made the list, but this isn’t TopFifteenz.

      Kurt Russell was not the President in Executive Decision.

  • Don Newbury

    I have to disagree with Dr. Strangelove. If anybody owned that movie, it was George C. Scott as the crazed war mongering general. I had no idea that he could play comedy so well. Not taking away from Peter Sellers because that scene where he talking to the Soviet premier is priceless.