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  1. John
    John at |

    Woo!!! Star Wars 7 yea lets go!!!!

  2. Harry
    Harry at |

    Dear Gods of Movies

    After the horrible mess you allowed to happen with Star Wars episodes I to III, now we have the original cast returning and George Lucus’s ego isn’t directing, if you let Disney mess up these films I will personally find you in your Movie God Heaven or where ever it is you live and I will kill you.

    Love Harry

    1. Matt
      Matt at |

      I hate to tell you this but when Disney makes a movie they know when to cut the crap and kid stuff and make a good movie. I have faith that Disney will at least make it decent of a movie and I’m sure they won’t make it like most disney kid movies.

  3. Mark
    Mark at |

    What`s wrong with a new Star Wars? Disney are great with CGI. And as we all know Jar Jar Binks was the first CGI character. We could have Star Wars Episode VII-The Death of Jar Jar Binks. I`d watch that anyday..

  4. Rob
    Rob at |

    Chris Nolan won’t be directing. If the rumors are true, he is now Godfathering (is that even a word?) the entire DCU at WB. He will produce JL, along with Zack Snyder, who may possibly direct. There is also the rumor that Christian Bale’s Batman will be in JL, though there was an apparent debunking of that rumor. I personally hope Bale will be back. This is Hollywood, they can make it work and tie up all the loose ends.

  5. joe
    joe at |

    First of all, the Justice League movie will never happen by 2015. There isn’t even a script right now, and WB won’t move on it until ‘Man of Steel’ numbers are in.

    If…IF… ‘Man of Steel’ blows it out of the water and does really well, then you will see movement on Justice League and potentially a cross-over with Christian Bale as Batman, Gordon-Levitt as Robin.

    WB would be absolute FOOLS not to cross-over Bale’s Batman, that would add 500 million to the ticket sales. Ryan Reynolds? Replace him, bring in a black John Stewart GL.

    Now, Star Wars… I am fairly confident with it in the hands of JJ. He’s a fan. He knows what fans want – and it ain’t more Jar Jar Binks and more Ewoks.

    Avengers 2, will be great, no doubt.

    Justic League though should get itself together first; Man of Steel 2013, Wonder Woman & The Flash in 2014, maybe a Supes/Batman team up in 2015 and then a Justice League will all of them in 2016.

    Going up against Avengers 2 and freaking STAR WARS in 2015 is insane and the ONLY way they pull it off is Christian Bale and Henry Cavill.

  6. Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS
    Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS at |

    Any word on a third Clash of the Titans or Silent Hill movie? Those are two sequels I NEED to see! 🙂

    1. Lev186211
      Lev186211 at |

      You NEED to see a sequel to wrath of the titans? SO ITS YOUR FAULT THAT PUTRID PIECES OF CRAP LIKE THESE MOVIES MAKE [email protected]?ALKSJNasdfk

      1. tim
        tim at |

        honestly, the titan movies weren’t oscar contenders or anything and I didn’t go pay money to see them at the theaters but I rented them from netflix and found both of them to be pretty entertaining. I wouldn’t call it unforgettable filmmaking but they kept my attention and told a good story.

  7. FMH
    FMH at |

    Hmm, I’m going to see none of them. Maybe my friends will drag me along for Star Wars, but I know that I’ll regret having any expectations at all. Especially since I’m a fan of non-CG special effects.

  8. razorsfury
    razorsfury at |

    Honestly, this should have been a 5 movie list and not 10. Not sure how half of those movies are apart of a geek list.

    1. ingeriaripa
      ingeriaripa at |

      Too bad this isn’t topfivez.net.

      1. razorsfury
        razorsfury at |

        You are right. Maybe they should have found movies that were actually geeky as fillers for the list instead of what they actually put there.

    2. Zagblorg
      Zagblorg at |

      Quite, there are only 5 here I can see could be classified as geeky, the others are all just kids’ crap!

  9. Space
    Space at |

    Holy freakin’ God, did this weirdo just include a Peanuts movie, a sequel to a mediocre animated film, a random animated film, and a Trolls doll movie as part of “the ultimate year for geekdom”? ISHYGDDT.

  10. Chore Boy
    Chore Boy at |

    The Hunger Games is a blatant knock-off of a Japanese movie “Battle Royale” and I hate the author for it. There are so many similarities it’s not even funny. If you do a little bit of research and watch both (I found the comic/manga version of Battle Royale to have more similarities to Hunger Games) you’d see what I mean. Pretty much anyone who I’ve spoken with who have seen both agree.
    Aside from that, I’m not looking forward to the Trolls movie, Hotel Transylvania, B.O.O., or Peanuts, since I’m not 7 years old. Instead of it being the “Ultimate Year for Geekdom,” maybe the “Ultimate Year for Infantile Minds” would be a better title.
    I can’t say I’m really excited for any of those movies. I didn’t like the Avengers (they were all second-tier heroes IMO). I’ve heard of Ant-Man, but never read the comic, so I don’t know about that. Seems a little early for a reboot of The Fantastic 4, but there’s still time (the Spiderman reboot was way too early and left me disliking reboots). The Justice League seems a bit like the Avengers, but I’m hopeful it’ll be good (hopefully Aquaman dies within the first 10 mins haha). Star Wars with the old characters seems like a bad idea written by fanboys, but so was the more recent 3 movies, so who knows.

    1. Passerby
      Passerby at |

      So, you’re one of that subspecies of human in internet that despise everything they saw. You hate author for successfully copying work of other, you insult these so called kids movie, you didn’t like so called second tier people, dislike reboot, hope somebody dies just because you see him lame. well… just STFO, you’re not helping here, very much humanity.

  11. daddyostjames
    daddyostjames at |

    (x_x) please don’t trash “peanuts” thoughts of 3-d computer animated,political correct with hip hop soundtrack drain my soul! And please,please,please!!!!! Don’t have Snoopy and Woodstock speak!!!!(‘;’)????

  12. Christina
    Christina at |

    Ant-man in a movie sounds cool! I wonder what the sequence will be called: Giant-man, Goliath, or Yellow Jacket?

  13. bestmovies
    bestmovies at |

    Looking forward to this in 2015. Ant-Man will be interesting.

  14. John Taylor
    John Taylor at |

    Looks like a pretty good year for movies. Might actually spend some money.


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