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  • fdx

    that’s an interesting list i learned something today thanks. I would also like to add that Lion King was also “inspired” by Osamu Tezuka’s “Kimba the white lion”….

  • ParusMajor

    “Strange Brew” sounds funny, haven’t seen it but I guess I’ll have to. Akira Kurosawa’s “Throne of Blood” is also based on Shakespeare (Macbeth), but that’s probably too well-known a fact to qualify it on this list, considering the title.

    • Turk

      You betcha eh. If you like beer, doughnuts, & hockey you should like Strange Brew eh. Those two hossers are on every TV station in Canada around Christmas time, think it must be some kind of tradition eh. I had never thought about how it is Hamlet the MacKenzie brothers way, but now that you mention it, there are alot of similarities. They could have called it Hamlet for Hossers eh.

      • ParusMajor

        Hah 😀

  • TriviaFan

    Good and fascinating list, still awaiting the “we all knew these were based on Shakespeare what a dumb list” whine fest 🙂

    As for Kurosawa and #8 it does mention that several of his films were based on Shakespeare, just this one is not as well known. I would also mention that “Ran” was based on “King Lear” and several others seemed to be influenced by Shakespeare.

  • Shoboni

    I thought Lion King being based on Hamlet was common trivia?

  • YeahThatGuy

    I think it’s very obvious to anyone who has ever watched 10 Things I Hate About You that it is based on The Taming Of The Shrew. Julia Styles’ character ‘Kat’ is named after Katherina, her sister played by Larisa Oleynik is named Bianca (also from the play) and Heath Ledgers character Patrick Verona is based on Petruchio (who in the play is from, you guessed it, Verona). Also they have many references to Shakespeare including the boy and girl who find love through their mutual adoration of The Bard. Added to that, Kat is referenced to as “the shrew” at least once in the film. So maybe some people aren’t dumb enough to recognise these movies are based on Shakespeare plays.

    • Roselane

      Do you people KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MUSICALS? It seems all you know is WICKED and PHANTOM or Walt Disney .SINCE YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T SEEM TO KNOW IT you can look up KISS ME KATE which was DONE BY COLE PORTER about 60 YEARS AGO and is the ultiamte adaptation of the Shakespeare play into a MUSICAL.KISS ME KATE it’s been performed many times since Porter created it.

  • Michaela

    Who DOESN’T know 10 Things I Hate About You is based off of Taming of the Shrew?? People talk about about that all the time. That should be in a list called “Trivia everyone knows”

  • LaneNTxs

    Skipped “A Thousand Acres”. The movie, and the book it is based on, are a retelling of “King Lear” set on a farm in Iowa.

  • Jamie

    I have seen Kimba, but NO Clue what the hell are they actually mean!..which I known that Kimba and the father was like playing a big role because the son was captured by hunters then brought to a city. The Father which actually played allot in the movie which he helped a journalism up to the Mt. Moutain as does well the helper die along alway and here in the middle of that story I gotten confused and the anime is kindof good !

  • Gabriel

    This might be just me but dosent Pocahontas give off more of a Romeo and Juliet feel?

  • Robinanna neibauer

    How come there are barely any based on the Merchant of Venice?! Is it the fact that the victimized one loses in the end?!