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  1. Tammy
    Tammy at |

    what about the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, Pontiac firebird trans am,1966 Ford mustang and 1970 Camaro.

  2. Garry Inboden
    Garry Inboden at |

    Why leave the 69 SC/Rambler off the list? It was the best bargain!!! For every ten dollars spent YOU got 1 hp, and for every10 pounds of weight in the car YOU had 1 hp to carryit

  3. Jup
    Jup at |

    The world does not mean ‘America’ ladies and gents…
    Have a look at some Aussie muscle

  4. matt
    matt at |

    now this is a muscle car list , personally it should be longer

  5. Gary
    Gary at |

    A mucsle car is a intermediate size car with a large engine not a sports car like the vette or a pony car like the mustang and camero

  6. Enrique
    Enrique at |

    Put charger, challenger and cuda on the three first places.
    And don’t mention any pony cars.

    1. Mike
      Mike at |

      I agree with you about the Charger and the Cuda, and Challenger but then you say not to mention Pony Car’s? well the Challenger and Cuda fall under the “Pony Car” nameplate this is from the manufactures not Myself it’s THEIR definition of a “Pony Car” Cuda’s Challengers, Mustangs, and Camaro’s and all considered “Pony Car’s” by the big 3.

  7. Tyler
    Tyler at |

    The author is giving Chevy some extra love. 5/10 of the list is chevy… please be a little less biased.
    Also not a single dodge badged car? This is a list of your favorite muscle cars. I hope you consider updating this list.

  8. Mark
    Mark at |

    All of the cars mentioned were and still remain GREAT Muscle Cars!!! With that said I would like to have seen the “66 ChevyII Nova L-79 mentioned. (remember Grumpy Jenkins) I use to own one and wish I still did.


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