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  1. Raven
    Raven at |

    Okay, if you want to get technical about #10, it’s true that not all spiders spin webs. But all spiders do have spinnerets, and are capable of making silk. What they use this silk for varies significantly, for example the trapdoor spider mentioned in #10 uses silk to bind together the “trapdoor” of its nest. Some species construct entire structures out of silk, and certain small ones even use it to glide.

  2. indiabull
    indiabull at |

    toxic spidy

  3. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    What a great list! I MUST show this to my arachnophobic girlfriend! I’d like to also add that spiders get rid of other vermin like flies, moths and mosquitoes that are more harmful to humans than spiders. Oh, wait. After saying that, I have to admit that some spider might be harmful. Rest in peace, Jeff Hanneman. 🙁

  4. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    There is nothing wrong with this list that a flamethrower won’t cure.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      You don’t like the list or the subject of the list? Or both?

      1. 5minutes
        5minutes at |

        Let’s just say that me and the 8-legged abominations don’t get along very well.

        I’m all about animal welfare…. right up until the time a spider jumps out with its vicious 9-inch long fangs, venom that kills the entire planet with a single drop, and 172 eyes that each want to eat you in various torturous ways.

        1. Kich
          Kich at |

          You’re thinking of cats.

        2. Dave Smiling Coyote
          Dave Smiling Coyote at |


  5. 8-Bit Dave
    8-Bit Dave at |

    #6 isn’t true. Spiders CAN lay eggs under a human’s skin. It happened to my sister in 2005. She was living in Houston, Tx at the time.

    1. Jeebus
      Jeebus at |

      she should probably clean out her flat a little better then.

    2. FMH
      FMH at |

      Sure it wasn’t scabies? Those creatrues are related to spiders, but not real spiders.

      1. Dave Smiling Coyote
        Dave Smiling Coyote at |

        UPDATE! I called my sister and asked her about that incident. She said it wasn’t a spider that crawled out from underneath her skin, but was some kind of beetle or bedbug or something. She believed it was a spider at first because she was so freaked out when it happened! It was a little black bug about 2 millimeters across… She had a large red bump on her foot between her big toe and her second toe. At first she didn’t remember when exactly it first appeared, so she just assumed it was a boil. After soaking it in luke warm water with epsom salt for about three days, she said she tried to squeeze it and a bunch of this little black bug started crawling out. She called 911 and told the operator that she had spiders crawling out of her foot. (I guess she was so scared she was seeing double! lol!) Thinking it was a prank call, the operator hung up. When she called 911 back, they sent an ambulance as well as two police cars. They assumed that she was having a drug induced hallucination. LOL!! After all THAT was straightened out, she went to her doctor the next day. She had told her that it wasn’t a spider, but a beetle or something. Spider or not, I don’t want ANYTHING laying eggs and hatching out of my skin!

        1. FMH
          FMH at |

          Seeing creatures crawl out of your skin is a common drug or psychosis induced hallucination, called delusional parasitosis. People who suffer from that tend to rip the skin from their arms. No wonder they first thought that she was on drugs.

  6. Mike
    Mike at |

    #7 “house spiders are essentially harmless to humans, as they can’t pierce the skin”
    Clearly you’ve never been to Australia

    1. David
      David at |

      Good old Funnel web. Those would scare the crap out of the bravest of men.

      1. 5minutes
        5minutes at |

        They’re also, to my knowledge, the only spider that hisses as it prepares to murder you, meaning that it not only wants to take your life and drink your blood, but wants to communicate its desire to do so.

        Flamethrowers are our only hope.

        1. Lavender
          Lavender at |

          They are fire-proof.

          I’m not kidding.

          Funnel Web Spiders are Fire-Proof.
          At least for a short while, but when it shrugs off flames like it wasn’t there, it’s hard to think about double-tapping.

          And they can hold their breath for months. Even Underwater.
          And can sometimes survive being crushed.
          And give chase after what they wish to Murder.

          If it weren’t for the simple fact Australian’s get trained from a young age about how to treat spiders they’d likely have kill the lot of us long ago.

        2. 5minutes
          5minutes at |

          Well then, it sounds like I need to quote the wisdom of Ellen Ripley from “Aliens”… “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

          Sure is a shame. I liked Kangaroos.

  7. jleejordan
    jleejordan at |

    #5 is not a myth. IN GENERAL you are never more than 3 feet away from a spider. they are in the walls, floorboards, ceiling, car, grass, dirt, etc, etc. unless you’re in a swimming pool, you’re probably within 3 feet of a spider.

    1. chris
      chris at |

      so you think theres 1 spider per 3 feet in cars? churches? canteens? beaches? lecture halls? trains? planes? ships? you might be close to a spider, but one every THREE FEET? it’s not true, even “in general”

  8. Arman robbani
    Arman robbani at |

    Wow!! I never knew that spiders once lived in peoples’ hair!!!! That’s crazy man!!!!

  9. Lavender
    Lavender at |

    On the subject of Camel Spiders.

    They Do have a habit of chasing humans, or anything moving really.
    What happens is they move into the shadow being cast and once the shadow moves away it’ll move after it to stay out of the sun.

    Cue panicking people thinking the spider wants them dead or something.

  10. Philippe
    Philippe at |

    Here’s a fun, animated version of some of these myths:



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