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  1. FMH
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    That “never lost a battle” sounds almost like the German “backstab”-legend: After the first world war many nationalists claimed that Germany never lost in the field but instead was brought down by left-wing movements and politicians.

    1. Flash
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      They never lost a major engagement after the war initiated.. By that standard the US military was defeated by the Nazis on multiple occasions despite the outcome of the Nazis losing at the end of the engagements.. defeats are not measured by single battles but the outcome of the engagement after the battles. TET was an utter humiliating defeat for the NVA and the VC which never recovered after.. Yet they were successful militarily at first.. IT FAILED in the end and cost them.. Based on casualties alone the US dominated the battlefield. If the article is spinning how many people died in engagements or cost as a success or failure. I think the article proves it at the end of that segment by basically bashing Patraeus.. The surge worked turned that war around and Iraq was won. Alqaeda even admitted defeat telling them not to send any more recruits to Iraq. Obama and Biden even declared Iraq a victory. Obama however didn’t want anything to do with Iraq so he basically destroyed all the success by a complete withdrawal and the support of the Arab spring, The toppling of Gaddafi without a ground force which led to the spread of alqaeda across Africa and the support of the Islamist insurgency in Syria. Which then led to ISIS reinvading Iraq. EPIC FAIL

  2. Derek
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    Well written list, I also appreciated the exact video quote of JFK-most people would not take the time to include that. Thank you.

  3. Jeff
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    Regarding number 1 I’ll tell ya’ what: why don’t YOU go thousands of miles from home and live in a place where the weather, the food and damn near everything else is so completely foriegn you can’t begin to comprehend it and then add the pressure of military discipline to that and then tell me how “cushy” you’re life on a base is. As someone who’s seen both sides of the coin I can say that deployment is awful regardless of whether or not you’re “in the s**t”. When I was a medic with the Army Infantry whenever I heard someone say anything about “fobbits”, a deragotory word for all the people who have the “cushy” base assignments I’d ask them if they liked to eat, or if they enjoyed getting paid or if they appreciated being able to call home, because guess who has to do that stuff?

  4. freethinker9761
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    There were a lot of myths, political, social, and militarily, about and surrounding the Vietnam War. Some are true, some only partially true, some blatantly false. Some of these things on this list might surprise you. To a lot of my fellow FB friends from my generation, these things will most likely not surprise, but to those of my friends who’re a younger generation, you’ll find these interesting, to say the least. 🙂

  5. isolation bordeaux
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    There are many problems finding out the truth about a conflict that epitomized the cold war

  6. jason stone
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    very entertaining and well written list…i appreciate the thought and research that went into the writing and formation of the points and i also loved the video of JFK and Cronkite.

  7. Yosomono
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    Thanks man!

  8. JR2000
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    It is true — the US never did lose a battle in Vietnam. That is not a myth, it is correct. You took your information from a website that is categorically FALSE. Most of the ‘battles’ on the website were not battles at all, while many others involved South Vietnamese forces. Anyone who has studied the Vietnam War can tell you that the information there is distorted if not outright fabricated.

    Firebase Ripcord which you mention never occurred the way you/that website depict it. As with any military operation, objectives change to fit the circumstances. Firebase Ripcord was eventually abandoned NOT because of enemy action but because it lost strategic value. In fact, the NVA were decimated during attacks each and every time. US forces were never driven out. In fact, once they left the bas they later took it back over when objectives required it. The NVA never were able to stop them and eventually gave up trying.

    Regarding the media — it WAS thoroughly anti-US involvement throughout the conflict. I’m surprised you even put it up given the extensive attention the issue has received over the decades. Seminars, university classes, Congressional hearings, and not to mention countless books have been written on the subject. Most media scholars consider it the low point in American journalism. President Reagan even said of CBS’ coverage of the war that if it were WWII, they would be tried for treason. What the media never talked about was atrocity after atrocity committed by the NVA and NLF (Viet Cong). Of the millions that died in the war, an untold number were innocent people killed by the communists during terrorist activities — none of this was ever covered by the American press.

    A good book that details every American military engagements battle by battle is ‘Unheralded Victory’ by Mark Woodruff. It demonstrates conclusively how the US actually DID win every battle. A book covering US media coverage and the Tet Offensive in particular is ‘Big Story’ by Peter Braestrup. His book shows how the media at times refused to cover American gains while purposely distorting the war. These books should be read before anyone tries to tell you any ‘myths’ about Vietnam.


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