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  • MrW

    If I may complain about two obvious omissions: Fitzcarraldo (Klaus Kinski) and [i]Diva[/i]'s Jules (Frédéric Andréi) both really shouldn't have been left off the list. Especially when there's room enough to include Bugs Bunny twice.

  • Lou

    Actually, the Male Lead, Pinkerton, in Madame Butterfly, is American.

    And what about Al Capone in The Untouchables? That's how i came to know my favorite opera: I Puggliaci.

  • The Godfather

    Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. The scene with him and Denzel Washington when opera was playing and Hanks waxed poetically about it was one of the most powerful scenes in a powerful movie.

    • graceggp

      the first thing i thought of

  • In the original "Scarface" , as I pointed out in my list of Whistles of Movies and TV, Paul Muni's title character whisted the famed Sextet from Donizetti's "Lucia De Lammermoor" whenever he was about to kill someone. It was obviously inspired by Capone's love of Italian opera.

  • Paul

    Nice list . I Immediately thought of Pretty Woman "It was so good, I almost peed my pants"

  • Amanda

    No Hannibal Lecter?

  • I was hoping to see Paul Smecker from Boondock Saints, personally.

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    I would have included Reginald Gardiner's character in _Damsel in Distress_, who when he hears an opera aria melody played cannot refrain from signing along.

  • magicalbeck

    What about Richard Gere's character in Pretty Woman? I love that scene!!!

  • Finnish man

    No Alex DeLarge? I have lost all respect to this site. Bugs Bunny? Two times? WTF?!

    • graceggp

      i know bugs once was weird enough. twice?

  • B

    I’d also recommend Steve Buscemi’s Nick in Parting Glances, an alt rock star living with AIDS who is enraptured with Mozart, particularly Don Giovanni.

  • P Smith

    Where’s Harvey Milk, Sean Penn’s character from the film?

    And while it’s TV and not movies, Inspector Morse from the books and TV series listened to opera almost exclusively.

  • Clarice

    I was disappointed that you included Bugs Bunny TWICE, but didn’t have Hannibal Lecter on the list at all! This cannibalistic serial killer is definitely my favorite opera patron!