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  • Jim

    there are multiple photographs of Tolstoy. I saw a documentary on him, and they used photos from many different stages of his life -photographs. I have even seen film footage of Tolstoy. a simple google images search brings up a number of examples. Saying colour photo is a bit of a cheat as well, I might add.

    • BryanJ

      It is just his only known “color” photograph.

    • Tolstoy wasn’t in the top 10 list. He was an added bonus and Bryan, the author did state it was the only known color photograph. I’m sorry that that was all you got from this very well written and interesting article.

    • RetroGamer

      I’m guessing that’s why he was a bonus & not in the top 10.

  • RetroGamer

    One of the more interesting lists here!

    • I think you meant to write “one of the hundreds of more interesting lists here”. 😉

  • Peter Boucher

    I can give you 3 more to add to your list. Chief Seattle (b, 1786 d. 1866), Frederic Chopin (composer b. b. 1810 d. 1849 the photo was taken just months before his death) and Constanze Mozart (widow of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) b. 1762 d. 1842. (Photo taken in 1840) and I believe that a daguerrotype of Nicolo Paganini ( violinst, composer) also exists.

    • Pet

      You didn’t need to add Seattle, just see number 2…

  • Joe

    Where is Chopin?

    • BryanJ

      He has two known photos. One has been recently discovered in the last couple years.

  • Jeff

    Didn’t Sarah Winchester only have one known photo? That’s who I thought of as soon as I saw the headline…

  • Dalton Daily

    Andrew Jackson (7th U.S. President) only had one picture of him taken by an early version of a camera.

    • Cezar

      There are actually 2 daguerreotypes and 1 photograph of him

  • Mac Payne

    how did blind lemon sign that pic if he was born blind…?

    • Sonia

      But, but, but… why is he wearing glasses!?