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  1. john
    john at |

    so ansel adams doesn’t count because he is a photographer and not a photojournalist?

    1. Hanne
      Hanne at |

      Uhhhh yeah? This is top ten photoJOURNALISTS, not art photographers. This is for public news media.

  2. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    Endre Friedmann’s photo of the dying Spanish soldier was likely staged. The picture was taken about 35 miles away from where it was claimed to have been taken, where there was no fighting.


    1. Paul
      Paul at |

      5minutes is correct. The evidence is now overwhelming.

      Check out this French magazine. Two different men falling at the same time and the same place.
      He was only 22 years old when took the photo. He did go on to take some great photos but that is a real no no for Photojournalists.


  3. Debra Weiss
    Debra Weiss at |

    I’ll bet Alfred Eisenstaedt would be surprised to see that his name has been changed to Robert Doisneau. FYI – Doisneau’s “”Kiss by the Hotel de Ville” was captured near the Hotel de Ville in Paris, (hence the title), not Times Square.

    1. Tanya Bennett
      Tanya Bennett at |

      Thanks for the correction – that’s my fault, I’m not the writer of this list but I selected the photos.

  4. tim
    tim at |

    i would have added Mathew Brady he is considered by many to be the father of photojournalism with the photos he took during the US Civil war… he also had the likes of Alexander Gardner & Timothy O’Sullivan working for him to capture as much of the conflict as possible so that the rest of the country could see what was truly occurring at the front …

  5. riff
    riff at |

    I like it

  6. bob johnson
    bob johnson at |

    No Kevin Carter on this list?

  7. Will
    Will at |

    James Natchwey in my opinion is the best photojournalist. He has performed at the highest level for over three decades. Check out the docu “War Photographer”.

  8. Young Phil
    Young Phil at |

    No mention of Joseph Dassttier the master of the modern candid news snapshot

  9. rob
    rob at |

    No Gordon Parks.. that’s shameful.

  10. Rick
    Rick at |

    W. Eugene Smith needs to be on this list. And what of William Allard? And Sabastio Salgado?

  11. Steve
    Steve at |

    I’m glad Philip Jones Griffiths is on there, though he deserves to be at No.1 🙂 Although his individual images aren’t as well known as the Capas or Bressons, the book Vietnam Inc as a whole is the single most powerful piece of photojournalistic criticism ever published – Griffiths wrote all the text as well as taking the photos over 3 years from 1968-1971. Anybody with an interest in modern history should read it.

    It just isn’t possible to distil the greatest PJs down to a list of ten, there are so many others, Josef Koudelka, Eve Arnold etc etc. Magnum was an embarrassment of riches and talent, still is. Get the book Magnum Stories to gain an idea.

  12. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    The image of the girl “smoking” under Robert Frank, is Sally Mann’s photograph, not Robert Franks…

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Thanks for the correction. We have replaced the image with a photograph from Robert Franks, Indianapolis, 1956

  13. Danielle
    Danielle at |

    The one image below Robert Doisneau showing a couple in Times Square NY kissing was not his photgraph. That photo was actually taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Doisneau took pictures in France not the US.

  14. Karl
    Karl at |

    What about Walter evans, lee friedLander and eugene smith?

  15. Richard Moore
    Richard Moore at |

    Definitely W Eugene Smith should be there. I’ve read Matthew Brady arranged bodies of the dead to make the photos look better.
    Also it’s the Yom Kippur War. The Yom Kipper War was a fight over fish in the North Sea.


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