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  1. mario
    mario at |

    Another one for the list is Deadly Night Shade. It grows in the UK (not sure if elsewhere too) and its seeds are pretty much 100% arsnic (probably wrong spelling). They are so bad people are supposed to inform the local authorities so they can be incinerated.

  2. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    I’d replace the bleeding tooth fungus with either nightshade or the castor oil plant, especially since both of those are actual members of the plant kingdom and not the fungi kingdom.

  3. Raven
    Raven at |

    Nah, not arsenic, nightshade is full of something nastier: concentrated tropane alkaloids. Now, these are handy when processed and administered in low doses (atropine is used for resuscitation, and as a treatment for organophosphate poisoning, including certain nerve agents, and scopolamine is good for upset stomach), but in the concentrations found in nightshade and much of the rest of the Solanaceae are extremely toxic. One leaf of nightshade is enough to kill.

  4. mrclam
    mrclam at |

    I realize some may find this complaint picky, but I feel titles should mean something. Many people have Nepenthes Lowii and other pitcher plants in their homes. They are, along with venus flytraps, quite popular as houseplants. Of the thousands and thousands of plant species, I’m sure you could have found a better candidate for a plant you wouldn’t want in your home. 5minutes also makes a pretty good point.

    Overall, though, this was an interesting article!

  5. 277Volt
    277Volt at |

    Cholla is the most nightmarish piece of crap worthless plant I’ve ever run into. I’ve lived in the Sonoran desert my entire 41 years and have been nailed by just about every cactus out here (yeah I’m clumsy) and cholla is the worst by miles. I’d gladly get hung up on any other cactus, even barrel cactus. Flesh is only the start. Cholla will dig into off road tires and thick leather.

  6. Mr_Ecks
    Mr_Ecks at |

    Hydnora Aricana atracts Beatles? Really..
    Beetles I could understand, but Beatles?

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Thanks, Mr_Ecks. This has been corrected. Although the humor of the typo does make the article more interesting. 😉


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