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  1. Jeremy at |

    I’m so excited to see The Hobbit. Yeah, too bad we have to wait until the third movie to see that awesome exchange between Bilbo and Smaug. It will be worth the wait, but it will be a long wait. 😉

  2. Donald at |

    Seeing these images was very cool. I also grew up with the image of Smaug from the animated feature. Now that I see the others I feel like I was a little duped. I’ll have read The Hobbit again and see what description is used in the actual book. Tolkein’s illustrations make it appear the dragon was supposed to be more serpentine, which is still cool.

    Thanks for collecting these images, it is a nice teaser for the movie.

  3. rajimus123 at |

    great lsit, I’m going to have to go back and watch the Hobbit cartoon again because I was sure Smaug in there was closer to Michael Hague’s version. I think my favourite is Justin Gerard’s.

  4. Aapiv at |

    Wait… Where is Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins? She did artwork for the finnish Hobbit translation and totally gave Smaug (and Gollum) an unique look. Theck it out!

    1. Tanya Bennett at |

      Here’s a link to some of Tove Jansson’s Smaug work

  5. Jonathan Reiter at |

    I like Donato Giancarlo’s Smaug as much as I like The Brothers Hildebrandt…


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