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  1. Ariana
    Ariana at |

    Protect animals before they are extinct!

  2. francine laurence b. lacayanga
    francine laurence b. lacayanga at |

    can you please give more and more

  3. eugene
    eugene at |

    protect them while they are still on this planet

  4. Sonali
    Sonali at |

    I feel saidness

  5. tanmoy das
    tanmoy das at |

    this website helped me to find my project works……………….i like it…..

  6. rohan
    rohan at |

    grt listway. cant believe soooo many anmls going the way isnt cheetah and lion on the list.
    man should do somet hng to finish this list not increasing the names

  7. Jack
    Jack at |

    The Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat is awesome. Good list btw.

  8. nai
    nai at |

    oh guys does this mean that the pinta island turtle is now extinct? and by the way tarsier is not a rare animal, there are thousands of them in Bohol located in the Philippines i would rather vote for mindoro tamaraw cause the specimen have 100-150 only it is like a dwarf carabao.

  9. Philly
    Philly at |

    There are only 35 Amur leopards left in the wild 🙁 I can’t believe all these animals are going extinct!

  10. jacob
    jacob at |

    where is BILBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Alexe Miruna
    Alexe Miruna at |

    I love animals !
    We must save the animals !
    I don’t like when some body bad si killing animals.
    Because afther that they will don’t haveing animals because they are killing the animasl ,, IN OANE DAY ”. I’ m thinging.
    Why they aren’t let the animals becaome more on the planet because they will haveing more animals end when the animals aren’t more they let animals end when they are more, they can take SOME animals.
    If the people will trup down a three or killing more animals the people will gona die because aren’t threes and animals.
    SAVE THE PLANET !!!!!!
    WE NEED IT !!!!!

  12. Landon
    Landon at |

    Goerge died? NOOOO!!!!

  13. Upatree
    Upatree at |

    Man and it’s inability to protect our fragile environment.

  14. Leovero
    Leovero at |

    That lonesome george’s picture breaks my heart. He looks so pitiable in it. Hope he finds his mate as soon as possible.

  15. Marlee
    Marlee at |

    I love dolphins they are soooo rockin but i feel so sorry for them

  16. Loki
    Loki at |

    poor george.

    gotta be another galopagos tortoise out there somewhere.

    good list btw.

  17. Fangki
    Fangki at |

    Wait. Tarsiers are rare?
    There are plenty of them in my hometown!
    Sometimes they wander in my backyard.

    I live in Indonesia by the way.

  18. Beteltooth
    Beteltooth at |

    A couple of corrections:

    The Olm is an amphibian, not a reptile.

    The Solenodon is venemous, but does not inject rattle snake venom. It injects solenodon venom. Also, it is not the only venemous animal. There are several, including Savi’s Pygmy Shrew (another with a venemous bite) and the male platypus, which posseses a venemous spur on it’s hind leg.

    Nice list, though. I love rare and unusual animals.

  19. alcidio
    alcidio at |

    ps. 4. Monito Del Monte
    looks really cool

  20. sarah
    sarah at |

    if number six is an amphibian, it cannot be a reptile. reptiles and amphibians are two completely different classes of animals.

    1. Bayaraa
      Bayaraa at |

      Number one should be Gobi bear or mazaalai. As of today, there are just 22 mazaalai in the world.


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