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  1. Igor at |

    Youtan Poluo is actually insect eggs.

  2. sheer logic at |

    ,I’d like to thank you for a very beautiful list.
    just one small issue, at number 8, the parrot’s beak you claim that sunbirds have long been extinct.
    that’s not true, of the sunbird family seven species (out of 132) are threatened by extinction today.
    again, great list.

  3. Amrendra at |

    Fantastic list.

  4. Harry at |

    Just to point out, you have completely failed to realise that Amorphophallus titanum is not the same as Rafflesia.

    The Ghost Orchid can be either Dendrophylax lindenii, the American Ghost Orchid, or Epipogium aphyllum, the Eurasian Ghost Orchid. Your description of it is a weird mix of them both.

    Silly TopTenz

  5. Kardoman Tumangger at |

    I agree with Harry said that The Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum) is not the same as Rafflesia. You can find rafflesia arnoldi pictures on the internet and you can find how different rafflesia and corpse flower..

  6. Alex at |

    I’m sure that the Campion is all over the UK, it was the first flower that I could identify as a child

  7. allison at |

    You can find many of these in Nureries or on ebay.

  8. rea at |

    im from the phils and i havent seen the jade vine EVER! And ive been all over phils! So I think your right about that..nice list..:)

  9. AmaGramaNatsi at |


    (not ‘most rare’)

  10. Vikram at |

    You don’t even know about Lacandonia schismatica!! For a rare plant, L. schismatica is the rarest! It has the androecium (stamens) and the gynoecium (pistils) invested… with the androecium at the center and the gynoecium to the outside… Is the only flower that have that arrangement…. Evolutoinary, is the rarest of plants and it’s mexican 😀

  11. Beth at |

    Number 2 is called the Udumbara flower.

  12. Ange at |

    Thank you for posting this list. It helped me identify the gorgeous Jade Vine that I just photographed in my landlords garden at the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia.

  13. Jack at |

    Millennia*, not “millenniums”. Wonderful list, but the quality of writing suggests either a lack of respect for the medium and your audience or simply a lack of education. That on top of some of the comments makes me wonder whether the research is genuine as well.

  14. phu quoc nguyen at |

    I just have vision and I call it lightning strike flower service specie

  15. phu quoc nguyen at |


  16. Pramud at |

    Am from Sri Lanka I have seen 5. Kadupul Flower in my home. There are some plant of Kadupul Flower in my home but I ever didn’t know value and rear of this flower till read this..

  17. Soorej Munraj at |

    Hello i’ve got jade vine flowers since around 3 months at my place in mauritius! it’s falling just around & we must throw them away everyday. pls contact me for more pics!

  18. Jan Pohlenz at |

    You confused the American Ghost Orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) with Epipogium aphyllum. Epipogium aphyllum (true Ghost Orchids) is the plant found not to have chlorophyl and work symbiotically with a basidomycete fungi to obtain nutrients.

    Your picture represents Dendrophylax, not Epipogium.

    Beautiful list, nevertheless.


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