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  1. Brian Barker
    Brian Barker at |

    The “linguistic imperialism” both Mandarin Chinese and English, is certainly endangering minority languages.

    A neutral, non-national language such as Esperanto, which would place all languages on an equal footing would certainly combat such imperialism.

    If you have a moment please check http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU Professor Piron was a former translator with the United Nations

    1. Bohuslav
      Bohuslav at |

      Esperanto is definitively NOT the direction language is going, and I don’t consider it all that neutral since it is loosely Latin-based. Also, Esperanto is not indigenous to any culture; it is an artificial language. If Esperanto got to be accepted worldwide, it would be a polyglot language. The Hapsburg Empire subjugated Hungary for 200 years and discouraged natives from speaking the ancestral language, Magyar. Hapsburgs out, Hungary got its culture and language back.

      1. Brian Barker
        Brian Barker at |

        Esperanto already is accepted worldwide.

        Its World Association enjoys consultative relations with the United Nations as well the Council of Europe and is using its position to defend the rights of minority languages.

        Check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR7vD9kChBA&feature=related

  2. Rachelle Allouche
    Rachelle Allouche at |

    Truly fascinating! I can't imagine being the one person who knows a language, and knowing that it will become extinct. What a mind-bending thought.

  3. Kat Watt
    Kat Watt at |

    What an amazing list. Well done!

  4. Ashley
    Ashley at |

    Thank you Kat 🙂

  5. fazrin
    fazrin at |

    Well,actually this is the 1st time that I think u r better than The List Universe.Go on fighting!!!!!

  6. Elliot
    Elliot at |

    Most of the words you provided in the example for the Chamicuro language are of Spanish origin. The Spanish words for horse, chicken, duck, and cow are 'caballo', 'pollo', 'pato', and 'vaca' in Spanish, respectively. Compare those to 'kawali', 'polyo', 'pato', and 'waka'.

    1. Ken J
      Ken J at |

      I was going to say the same thing, but thought I’d check the comments first. I caught it with “polyo”.

      I see you wrote this two years ago, so if selected the “followup comments” box…surprise!

  7. Top10List
    Top10List at |

    According to UNESCO 2009 edition there were 2488 languages that are near extinction.

  8. CrazyEyes
    CrazyEyes at |

    "Those who do speak the language are elderly, so in a few centuries the language will more than likely be extinct."

    Um….what? XD

    "Years", more likely. Which is a very sad thought. Thnks for the list!

  9. Dude
    Dude at |

    you forgot dumbo language. its like morse code, but you have to use a stick and hit the other person in the head. it was first used by neanderthal dudes.

  10. Even
    Even at |

    What, no Busuu? Spoken by 3 people I think.

  11. JoBeeOne
    JoBeeOne at |

    It would be quite tragic when you are down to the last two language speakers once one of them dies the language is obsolete. I’m sure there should be some Native Australian languages on the list by now.

  12. Mr. Person
    Mr. Person at |

    Wow. I am learning French right now, but now after I read this, I want to put all my thoughts aside and focus on that. It is so sad only a few people know these endangered languages, and to think that you are the only person knowing a language-so sad. I am an avid learner, so whatever I can do to increase the population-even to two people-I will do it. Again, PEOPLE, WHATEER YOU CAN DO TO LEARN A LANGUAGE YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE (Or even heard of before) DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO LEARN IT! 🙂

    1. Joseph Woodbury
      Joseph Woodbury at |

      And those two can teach two more, and then those two can teach two more and so on and so on.

  13. Mr. Person
    Mr. Person at |

    I know this does not have anything to do with languages, but I did not know that you could make icons with simple text images! 😛 🙂 🙁 <3

  14. Frans
    Frans at |

    Chamicuro (Chamekolo, Chamicolo, Chamicura) – Pato (duck) here in Philippines Pato also means duck!

  15. Corky Boyd
    Corky Boyd at |

    Unfortunately keeeping these languages alive as the sole language of small populations keeps them in a liguistic straght jacket. Never can they integrate into the greater society of their country. Most are spoken laguages only. They will be forever illeterate. There are no textbooks. They can never learn mathematics. They can never learn communicate by letter, never use the internet.

    What would happen it there were another Einstein in one of these small populations? His/her genius could never be used, never communicated to the outside world.

    1. Hetero Harald Togram
      Hetero Harald Togram at |

      Ever heard of bilingual people? I speak Danish, a pretty common language compared to these, but if i didn’t speak english i would have some major problems when surfing the web or looking at english tv-shows.

    2. Paul
      Paul at |

      ILLETERATE! Brilliant!

  16. Kaliraj
    Kaliraj at |

    Search for tamil..

    1. Red
      Red at |

      It is spoken all over india, how is it rare?

  17. Edwin
    Edwin at |

    Just out of curiosity, how fluent (in Taushiro) was the person who “concluded that only one person speaks the language (Taushiro) fluently.”

  18. Red
    Red at |

    I think my languages, Kokborok and Molsum (I don’t know how to spell it) should be added. They are both spoken in north-east india, around Tripura


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