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  • marc

    I call TROLLING. And #3 is flat out wrong, military grade assault rifles are NOT readily available to the general public without expensive and tough permits. I suggest you check out: for clarification.

    • Lee Standberry

      I’m curious – where in #3 did you read that military grade assault rifles are readily available to the general public? What was stated was that a person could own one. There was no mention, nor any inference, that it was easy to obtain this type of weapon. The inference, just to be clear, was the actual need for an assault rifle.

      • marc

        right there, starts on line 4, “In the meantime, if you happen to want a military grade assault rifle for …”

        Yes, semi automatic rifles are easy to buy, but military weapons are very hard to buy. Legally. The black market makes them available for very high prices.

        Again, read about the differences in the Top 10 Myths About Guns list.

        • Lee Standberry

          Ok, i hate to labor on a side point, but again – the statement does not express how easy or difficult it is to purchase an assault rifle. It only says that you can own one.

          • George

            It does say “if you happen to want one” as if if you want one anyone can get one for any reason which is patently false.

            • marc

              thank you.

    • No trolling here. I asked all the writers to submit ideas based on an article I read on that stated some reasons America should be more like a certain other country. I thought it would be fun to take that idea and see what our writers could come up with. The first list was comparing the United States to Iceland – – and this was the 2nd. We’ll have at least one more where we look up to Canada. If these lists bother you, check out this list that is 100% American:

  • Tom Williams

    “10 reasons America should be more like China” followed on #3 by “granted such draconian gun laws make it much more difficult for Chinese citizens to rise up against oppresive government regimes”. ____ you toptenz… I can handle most of your articles that don’t site research, facts, polls or studies, but to say we should be more like China in that sense is low… I used to look forward to and enjoy your lists but it seems we have grown apart… Good day.

  • matt

    Worthless left wing propoganda

    • FMH

      Believe me, the only thing “left wing” left in China is that they’re calling temselves socialist. I’m sure Carl Marx rotates in his grave.

    • Lee Standberry

      Actually, it’s more like ‘centralist’.

    • See my comments above.

  • PMM

    This list seems like satire to me, more than a serious list of reasons. However, I would like to point out that you made a tiny error with #10. You said “Indeed, most recently with President George W. Bush, such privacy freedoms were severely curtailed by legislation under the all-pervasive guise of national security.”, however, Obama has signed off on several pieces of intrusive legislation, including the NDAA, that seriously threaten the right to privacy of American citizens, as well as citizens of other countries. Even if this *is* satire, let’s be honest about who the bad guys are: politicians in general.

    • Lee Standberry

      This is true, for many folks that hoped to see President Obama reverse some of the security related decisions that were made during the previous administration, he has instead continued them. I’m glad you got the point of the list though, because many will not.

  • FMH

    Am I just falling for Poe’s law? I think I am, I always do.

    • Lee Standberry

      It is indeed, by and large, tongue and cheek. The idea is to get people to actually THINK about the positions they take on issues that concern a nation. Most people are very quick to regurgitate what they hear from the talking heads on Fox News or MSNBC without any thought to towards validity. Point in case, if you think Obama is a socialist then you certainly have to consider the last Bush one as well. It shouldn’t be about which side of the political aisle you agree with, but rather the truth and facts of the matter.

    • For all those who don’t know (I didn’t):

  • Bane

    i can’t believe the first few comments totally missed the point that this is a tongue in cheek list. Gullible people.

    • FMH

      As I said, Poe’s law. At a certain degree, it makes satire worthless.

      • marc

        I called troll immediately. It was obvious this list can’t be seriously taken.

  • paul

    isn`t America a country of immigrants? Just a thought..

  • 5minutes

    Such a wonderfully trolly list…

    • Lee Standberry

      I have no idea what “trolly” means – is this a good thing or not??

      • 5minutes

        It’s good. I had the same gut reaction a lot of people had, and then I read the list and realized how dripping with sarcasm it was and I got a good chuckle because I knew how many people would react…

        Either that or I misread things and you’re 100% serious and begging for a fight…

        • Lee Standberry

          Cool. Yep, there is plenty of sarcasm. My personal convictions are neither left or right in their totality and really, whose are? Yet folks make these proclamations simply on the strength they are liberals or conservatives. Personal opinions are fine, but lets not be hypocritical about them. That’s really the point of the list. And yeah, I was well aware that this list would cause a bit of a fluff.

  • This is intended as a tongue-in-cheek piece. Check. Only the author (??) can’t resist sarcastic barbs aimed at the U.S. government (which makes it tongue-in-cheek-in-cheek?), with specific actors called out selectively, American corporations (tongue-in-cheek-in-cheek-in-tongue??), and John Q. Voter (tongue-in-cheek-in-cheek-in-tongue-in-cheek???). Not surprisingly, the result is a confusing BLARRGH.

    More troubling, however, is that here is yet another Top Ten list making specific references to facts without citation (a BIG no-no when facts are widely considered, let’s say, under debate) and – even worse – casually assuming along the way ideological positions that everyone knows are the correct slants for intelligent and compassionate human beings, duh!! It’s been picking up in frequency lately and I think my time spent giving the site precious clickage has come to an end.

  • Martin Fierro

    Interesting satirical article. looks like it was successful at ruffling some feathers. i guess the on conclusion we can all come to is that none of us want to become permanent residents of China.

    • Lee Standberry


  • Gretchen

    What a bunch of commie crap, your country outta try dictatorship ( wait, you already are). Really a totalitarian sociaty has low crime rate????
    Please gun control!! Privacy issues? your country has had those problems since WW2.
    Lived in Germany, don’t complain

  • The Riddler

    Let’s just not forget that people are not defined by their country of origin or the country in which they currently reside, In a “country of immigrants” racism is as already at an unfortunate all time high.

  • Docf

    You are dead to me.

  • bingobill

    This posting is amazingly ignorant of the horrific civil rights abuses and genocidal actions of the Chinese Communist Party. Estimates of 40-60 million people died during Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ and draconian forced collectivization. China reamains one of the most oppressive governments on earth and constant exporter of weapons of mass destruction, re: north korea and Iran.
    On the abortion issue especially the author ignores the Chinese practice of forced abortions and infanticide in which children with even minor medical needs are executed by delivering physicians.
    Seriously, Adolf Hitler built a nationalized health care system, universal pension scheme and engineered one of the fastest growing industrialization policies ever recorded. Would the author lavish praise on the ‘unobtrusive and continuous monitoring of citizens’ by the Gestapo?

    • Lee Standberry

      Exactly, which means you missed the whole point of this list.

  • Chinese Guy

    Come to the dark side, er, china, We have cookies

    • American Guy

      Come to the light side, er, USA. We have guns and immigrants