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  1. Misainzig
    Misainzig at |

    Some of these reasons are fictional, and shouldn’t it be 10 T.V. shows that were cancelled instead of 10 reasons?

    1. Billster
      Billster at |

      Agree with both statements

  2. haknudsen
    haknudsen at |

    Not very funny and kinda mean spirited. Really not up to the standards of toptenz.net.

  3. Resveratrol Dosage
    Resveratrol Dosage at |

    He was my hero when I was a child. I thought it was the coolest concept ever!

    All the other shows were bad anywyas. Well, except Law & Order.

  4. darkknight9761
    darkknight9761 at |

    I never watched any of the reality shows(and that includes the ones listed..I never liked them, I knew they were staged and edited for spectacular results). I liked Law & Order, but I kinda have to agree with the reason mentioned. I liked Highlander, but got bored with it in the end. I watched ALF as a kid, but also got bored. I think this list is very good. Oh, and BTW, I NEVER liked John & Kate because of the reasons mentioned, who the heck wants to watch two jerks making money off of their kids?

  5. Think Nice
    Think Nice at |

    “Gravity. Poor Jennifer. Gravity has taken a toll on her humongous melons and they’re no longer the eye catchers they once were. Pretty soon she’ll be hitting them with her knees when she runs and smothering small children during innocent hugs.”

    That’s pretty funny. Not accurate, but funny. This show was actually canceled because they killed off her husband, whom everyone liked, and then tried to bring him back in the form of another man’s body. Totally killed the flow of the show.

  6. Boss B
    Boss B at |

    This was pretty hilarious. Especially the boobs.

  7. Christopher
    Christopher at |

    “The Ghost Whisperer” was a great show until it simply went off the deep end. It jumped the shark when the husband was killed off.
    She show lapsed into silliness and lost viewers.
    It really had nothing to do with those beautiful “melons”.

  8. JDintheOC
    JDintheOC at |

    If your going to write an article of this type, you could at least try to keep your personal and juvenile thoughts to yourself. Your assessment of Ghost Whisperer and especially Jennifer Love Hewitt seem to have come from someone with the mentality of around fifteen years old.

    1. kittehz
      kittehz at |

      Exactly. That was a really bad reason.


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