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  1. MrThePandaman
    MrThePandaman at |

    Great list. I wish the number 1 spot had more description (I haven’t noticed it much, so a few examples like you had in the others would’ve been nice).

    Also, isn’t arguing over whether or not all arguments have two sides an unendable argument in and of itself?

  2. 76million
    76million at |

    Ironic list is ironic.

  3. Billster
    Billster at |

    Also, Biased top tenz are boring.

  4. Blair Ivey
    Blair Ivey at |

    “This annoys the fastidious reader (the same readers who will leave a stern comment if your prone to making common spelling or grammatical errs).”

    Like those two?

  5. Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas at |

    You have made a compelling argument for why people shouldn’t visit this website.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      That is true only if you feel all the lists on this site fall into the categories above, including the lists you have written. Otherwise, we are giving you a compelling reason to stop visiting other poorly done top ten list sites and read instead. Et tu, Ryan?

  6. ArjayM
    ArjayM at |


  7. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    Tanya, I just read this list and you did a masterful job. One of this site’s best writers and one heck of an editor.


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