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  • Tanya, I just read this list and you did a masterful job. One of this site’s best writers and one heck of an editor.

  • ArjayM


  • Ryan Thomas

    You have made a compelling argument for why people shouldn’t visit this website.

    • That is true only if you feel all the lists on this site fall into the categories above, including the lists you have written. Otherwise, we are giving you a compelling reason to stop visiting other poorly done top ten list sites and read instead. Et tu, Ryan?

  • “This annoys the fastidious reader (the same readers who will leave a stern comment if your prone to making common spelling or grammatical errs).”

    Like those two?

    • I was hoping readers would understand that it wasn’t just coincidence that I made two annoying errors in the very same sentence that refers to errors. However, I also take full responsibility for any unintentional spelling or grammatical errors in the rest of the text if anyone sees any – my lists don’t go past an editor and I am human.

      • My bad, Tanya. I corrected you intentional mistakes. I did wonder if you did them on purpose. Feel free to add them back.

        • No problem, I just put them back in.

        • Tex

          “I corrected you intentional mistakes”? Well mistaked!

  • Billster

    Also, Biased top tenz are boring.

  • 76million

    Ironic list is ironic.

  • MrThePandaman

    Great list. I wish the number 1 spot had more description (I haven’t noticed it much, so a few examples like you had in the others would’ve been nice).

    Also, isn’t arguing over whether or not all arguments have two sides an unendable argument in and of itself?