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4 Responses

  1. Lionel at |

    All the diamonds in the world. that mean anything to me. Are conjured up by sunlight sparkling on the sea.

  2. Mark at |

    Interestingly all of these gem have nothing on the the diamonds that can be found in the earths core. Scientists believe that at the very core there are mountains of diamonds the size of skyscrapers. Some moons around Saturn are also thought to contain such huge diamonds.

    The moral of the story is either get digging or get flying, either way you’ll probably die (how morbid)

  3. frank jordan at |

    I had a red rock when i was in the 4th or 5th grade.i took it to school for show and tell.i never saw that teacher again.when i asked about her they said she had moved.i li

  4. frank jordan at |

    I live in ashland ,kentucky.i went to school at hatcher.the red rock was about 8 to 10 in long.please help i am now 56 years old


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