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  1. Meeehhh
    Meeehhh at |

    Chinese government propaganda?

    1. Damn straight
      Damn straight at |

      Dripping propaganda

      1. redstick
        redstick at |

        Really? Proof, please. Plus motivation for Mr. Myers’ posting ‘propaganda’.

        1. PTbelt Tactics
          PTbelt Tactics at |

          Mr. Myers’ motivation is that he is a Chinese sympathizer. The Chinese only care about growth or at least maintaining the image of growth. China frequently ignores copyright infringement case in point, the CEO is almost an identical copy of BMW’s X5 model. The problem is the corruption, China my have awesome copyright laws but the people who enforce them from police to judges all have a price. China’s economy is in worse shape than our’s, because they out right lie about their GDP and inflate it by counting building projects they haven’t and won’t be able to sell. Not to mention they are still a distant 2nd to the US in manufacturing when we count in value. You need proof scientists realized Chinese officials were intentionally inflating the capture fisheries statistics. You believe the one child policy is not real or only affects 35%? Ask China’s “leftover men” if they think that’s a ridiculous myths. The Department of Defense band the use of thumb drive because Chinese software contained in these Chinese made items where a threat to government computer systems. We all knew they didn’t eat Babies.

  2. little boots
    little boots at |

    I hate to burst your bubble, but they eat babies ALL THE TIME. You can find babies at any outdoor market, often in little cages so customers can pick out the “cutest ones”. Many, many shops have glazed, BBQ babies hanging up in the windows to entice passers-by. Even their McDonalds feature McBaby Burgers (but to be fair, they are offered only sporadically, akin to the McRIb here). While they are not a particular favorite of mine, I have to say that after a few beers, spicy baby-arms-on-a-stick are not half bad!

  3. ILiveInChina
    ILiveInChina at |

    Writer is an idiot. China is not a communist country at all. Also, they really do not care about anyone’s copyright. Plenty of Chinese stuff is stolen too. ANyone who says otherwise is obviously a propaganda organ for the Chinese government

    1. Bob
      Bob at |

      China=Capitalist Oligarchy

  4. william
    william at |

    i guess a lot of this negative/false impressions on China is due to the media portrayal of China. Considering China is probably the only country in the foreseeable future that has any chance of challenging America’s position in the world, just like Russia a few decades ago.

    Also another one is the misconception that all China’s media are state owned/controlled. No doubt there are controls, but no where near as serious as it is made out to be. On the flip side that media in “western” countries have no control/influence from their respective governments.

    1. Bob
      Bob at |

      I say the next big economy to watch for is India, followed by China, Russia, Brazil and then maybe South Africa and Turkey.

  5. Darkhawk22
    Darkhawk22 at |

    While some of these will, inevitably, be disputed. I found the factual ones to be very interesting. No. 10 particularly.

    Good list.

  6. Dan
    Dan at |

    China is a Communist/Capitalist Oligarchy, trying to defend the 1 child rule is absurb, especially by saying “well only 35% of the people can’t have a second child), are you freaking kidding me! That does not make China ok. Also, in #7 you say TWICE China is taking steps to deal with it so its still a problem.. acknowledging that it is REAL and not a myth… at the same time not even listing the steps because it is utter BS.

    China would be a terrible place to live, my cousin has been there and said he had to throw his feces off the top of a roof because they didnt have a toilet, that is not a hyperbole.

    1. passingby
      passingby at |

      China actually has the highest female labor participation rate in major Asian economies. China also has most self-made female billionaires in the world. Well, maybe you will say this is simply because China is the most populated. Anyway, women are doing very well in today’s business world in China. I don’t know why people has this misconception that women are treated like dirt. Perhaps the preference for boys is persistent, especially in rural areas. However, in cities women are doing very well, comparing to their male counterparts.

      The one-child policy is really not that strict. I have several cousins (I myself is in Taiwan), and all except one have two kids. The only one that has one kid chose not to have more.

      As of toilets… Yes. They can be very bad, if you live in an ordinary farmer’s house.

  7. maoni
    maoni at |

    hey , i’m chinese ya know and I do none of those thiings!
    cyber bullies!

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    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Um…that’s what makes it myth. It isn’t true.


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