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  • Clive ralphson

    You are all truly not well to consider that the enconcencration of secret societies to be justified

  • yudhe

    interesting.. in my country most secret society for religious purposes

  • someone

    How can I join one of these societies?

  • David


    Does any of this really exit in some part of West African country? I have come accros a very strong member with the same symbol of Skull and Bone but diffrent names. Was wanthering if they have a brach in West African?



  • Gary

    Surely by default if they were “secret Societies ” you would not know about them ?? …. interesting that you have Freemasons listed as No1, could that be because they have the largest membership and are therefore the most public !! and not the most secretive ?

  • free minds

    I think there are many who would love to own the power of these idealogicol secret societies but the truth is only certian events can or have been altered by any unknown group. 911 was by a secret society. death of osama bin laden by a secret society. There is only one true evil regiem to fear, Your personal greed. When a man chooses to look the other way seeing true unjustice being done because he fears financial loss for standing out against corruption or worse yet using corruption for financial gain. Look out for your fellow man and start your own secret society of Do gooders…. Then we will maintian a bright future, One nation under god. I remember taking the Pledge of alligence every morning before class. I miss that…

  • Colin

    This in regards to the skull and bones. A ritual that is also used as blackmail for every member, after a certain time of membership they have must rape there child unfortunately. If you watch Skulls one Craig T. Nelson’s character says to the senator “oh she was only 13” with a file in hand which gives some proof. The movie was very whitewashed and wasn’t very factual.

  • Ujjwal Dey

    Actually Amazon and Google have disclosed everything there is to ever know about these Secret Societies, including their bizarre rituals and strange beliefs.

    Search for books by Dr. Duke Savage for example and every secret is unmasked and made bare naked to show their ugly nature.
    Albert Pike book
    Hiram Abiff book
    and the masterpiece which has fake reviews from anonymous Illuminati and Skull Bones member named ANTWON H.

    So nothing secret anymore. You could Google to find and buy yourself a nuke forget about lousy membership to these stupid Stone Age Societies.

    Best Wishes,
    FREE-thinker with a functional brain

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  • Gil

    A better, more truthful article is “5 Pathetic Groups That People Think Rule the World” from

  • Nimrod

    Nice list, but pretty superficial and incomplete info on most of them. Inaccurate as far as thinking that societies like the Illuminati disbanded. They only morphed into other things and still exist even as themselves in combination with many of these other groups.

    The OTO is mostly Illuminati and controls entertainment stars, requiring initiation and membership for those who want to become superstars. The truth of what they require is beyond the scope of most people’s imagination.

  • jcdenton

    When someone compiles a list, and misses the granddaddy secret society of all time, someone either has failed to do their homework, is willfully ignorant of the fact, or is simply paid off to do so.

    The Company, The Society, The Sons of Loyola, The Brothers of Ignatius, Societas Iesu, The Jesuits. The one secret society, that is probably behind every single one of the ten your mention.

    The single one that both James Parton, American biographer, and the founder of the Theosophical Society, Madame Blavatsky agree, not to mention the son of the founder of The Church of Satan, Anthony “Jess” LaVey, that the Superior General is at the apex of all Freemasonry, and by logical extension, every other front society, that emulates Freemasonry.

    The OTO is an extension of Theosophy. The Temple of Set and LaVey’s Church of Satan, both extensions of the OTO. The Skull and Bones, probably the the 2nd Chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati, and the American extension of the European parent. (both based on the Jesuit model). Need I give further examples?

    All intelligence organizations have their genesis in secret societies. Watch “The Good Shepherd.” All roads lead to Rome. Then, via stargate, straight to Marduk (with a little help from Nimrod)