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  • ananthnmishra

    It is a nice post.Thanks for posting.

  • Little_Sam

    There was a guy from Arkansas that survived in a comatose state for almost twenty years as well. He finally “woke up” one day after being in a comatose state for almost twenty year. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t remember the guys name or know if he is still alive. He was still alive about 5 years ago. I am not sure what happened after that.

    • Timeea

      Wow! Pretty amazing too!

      • Little_Sam

        Here is a follow-up post about the guy from Arkansas that survived nearly 20 years in a comatose state before he “woke up”. This is what I remember for those interested. He was involved in a car wreck. There were two other people in the car with him. One died at the scene instantly. One survived without a scratch. He was the third person in the car. Bizarre.

      • Becky

        His name is Terry Wallis

  • Marnie

    Interesting – but your information about aquagenic pruritus is “all wet” (pardon the pun). I don’t know about aquagenic urticaria, but I can tell you I know of about 1000 people who have aquagenic pruritus. We have a yahoogroup of fellow sufferers, and you can learn more on Wikipedia.

    PRURITUS means itching with NO hives or rash; URTICARIA refers to hives and redness. Aquagenic pruritus is NOT an allergy, but rather a symptom with many different causes. Yes, not enough is known about it, and people who suffer with it feel misunderstood and all alone. We are still waiting for someone to find out what’s going on with our bodies and what we can do about it.

    • Timeea

      Unfortunately, there’s little information on this topic. I was talking about 40 – 50 cases reported in the literature. Thanks for your comment and your interesting observations. Wishing you all the best!

  • Crazzy Serbs

    Please watch this one, instead of “8. Amazing Human Electrical Conductor”


    • Timeea

      I didn’t hear about this case. Slavia Patjic’s abilities are amazing. Thanks for sharing this video!

  • melanie

    I have never ever heard of stone babies before and I read a lot of stuff like this… Aewsome list. Congratulations

  • israel vega

    what happened to the brain cancer of the polish man that stood in coma for 19 years?

  • YouRang?

    Amazing stories. Thank you. I’m especially interested in the people who have a facility for electricity. I’ve read a great many stories over the years about such people, and I seriously believe they deserve a list of their own. I was fascinated by the story of one English farmer who “grounds” himself by touching a metal pole before hugging his family.

  • Nichole

    I’ve got a Bizarre illness for you: Prader-Willi Syndrome. A sufferer’s brain isn’t able to tell when they’re full from eating so if left to their own devce, they eat, constnatly. Without supervision, they can literally eat themselves to death.

    • Louis Alexandre Simard

      Is that how you explain and justify your weight excess. Prader-Wili syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disorder. The symptoms are the result of 7 genes that were deleted from a paternal chromosome. Some of the characteristics of Prader-Wili syndrome are: low muscle tone, short stature, interrupted or incomplete sexual development, cognitive disabilities (learning disabilities, retardation, low IQ, etc), problem behaviors (add/adhd, aggressivity, introverted, depression, etc) , and chronic feelings of hunger leading to obesity.

      First if all you didn’t described the diseases correctly saying that’s its the brain that is unable to say when its full which would make it a neurological or psychological problem. Second you only stated the chronic hunger symptom leaving out some of the more severe symptoms. This seems to indicate that you are not a sufferer of this diseases and that like many people who are overweight these days self diagnosed a disease in order to defend yourself against others cruelty or in order to deresponsibilize yourself regarding your diet and or over eating.

      Please explain yourself or stop writing false statements about a very real and debilitating disease. If you are a sufferer I am sorry.

      • Mikki

        Would you kindly shut up? You know nothing about this person, they in no way claimed to have Prader Willi Syndrome. They are merely misinformed about what, exactly, it is.

  • Dennis Fegan

    On July 2 2006 I had what I thought were a bad run of atonic seizures. My parents just happened to stop by that Sunday morning and realized something was terribly wrong with me. They called my neurologist and EMS.

    My last memory of that morning was being inside of the ambulance the next thing I knew I was in the ICU.

    The Vagus Nerve Stimulator was stopping my heart (asystole) every 3 minutes during the 30 second stimulation cycles. If my parents hadn’t happened to stop by that day I would have died and my death would have probably just been written off as a fatal seizure or SUDEP. No one would have ever suspected it was the vns that killed me.

    Once the ER doctor and my neurologist realized that the problem was cardiac and not seizures my neurologist had to ran to his office (the next building) to retrieve the equipment to deactivate the device. When the vns was turned off I regained a normal heart beat and have had no cardiac issues in the 6 years since.

    The device was implanted in 2000 and I had absolutely no problems until it nearly killed me in 2006.

    As of 6/29/2012 there are 1184 “reported” deaths and over 17,000 “reported” adverse events for approx. 70,000 registered vagus nerve simulators. Something is REALLY wrong with that picture.

    My story was told in Reader’s Digest and The British Medical Journal

    Reader’s Digest


  • Tricia Reuter

    Medtronic BMP-2 Implant in 6 month old Baby Cranium

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    “It’s so cruel to hear headlines like half human , half wolf or real wolf kids. The cruelty doesn’t come from the syndrome but from society”. Do I need to remember you that the as a headline to this post you wrote kid with werewolf syndrome instead of kid with hypertrichosis.

  • Kevin John Braid

    the sleep one, yea, go eat a gram or two of high qaulity cannabis oil, no way in hel they wouldnt be sleeping after that.