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  1. TraxOnDaRocks at |

    Seriously, everything that has to do with sports on this site is for 99% about american football, baseball or some other american sport… there are also people outside of ‘murica on here.

  2. eatdogs at |

    Well I guess sports headlines we won’t be reading will be anything soccer related.

    I’m ok with that.

  3. marcel at |

    Blue Jays win world series, Brett Lawrie wins Gold Glove and MVP
    ESPN announces soccer has highest ratings in their history.
    Alex Rodriguez admits steroid/ped use: drops appeal and lawsuits.
    Roger Clemens heads 2014 HOF class.

  4. canadaeh at |

    Russia Wins All The Olympic Gold Medals At 2014 Winter Olympics

  5. Jameson at |

    Is it awkward that Peyton Manning had arguably the greatest season a quarterback has ever had and is playing in the super bowl….?

    1. Shell Harris at |

      Yeah, we missed that, the Rex Ryan one and probably the one about the Cavaliers too!

  6. Jameson at |

    Haha yea other than that one it was a great list. Very accurate too.

  7. Jim Ciscell at |

    Well, so far – unless Ryan starts like 0 and 12 totally missed that one. I also missed Peyton being in the Super Bowl but got Eli not being there. Collins, Manziel, and Rodriguez appear to be solid so far. But the highest that I can get on the accuracy perspective is 8.5. Will be interesting to see how it plays out :) But yeah, missed those two completely :)

  8. Jim Ciscell at |

    Currently, in the weak East, the Cavs are only a three game winning streak away from the 8th seed. we still have a half season to go AND the Deng trade should provide a good lift. KEEP HOPE ALIVE LOL :)

  9. Brendan at |

    Neither the flames or the oilers of the NHL will make the playoffs. Not even just this year, but in the next 10.

  10. Dave K at |

    Don’t lament your Peyton Manning comment too much. Your instincts were correct about his being way past his prime (not all his fault, he’s got that spinal condition) Your prediction was ALMOST correct. You just missed it by one game. He really laid an egg in the Super Bowl.


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