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  1. FMH
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    On #7: I really like the conlusion: A mink does have fur on it’s muzzle, so it has to be a creature nobody ever has seen before. Some of the other carcasses show that water and decomposition can cause a loss of fur.

    On #4 see: http://www.animachina.com/images/whatisit/montauk_monster_racoon.jpg

    There are other pictures I couldn’t find anymore, take from the other side. There you can clearly see the decomposed snouth. I thought it looked rather canine. Decomposition does strange things to a body.

    On #1: Google a bit, there are better pictures. Every one of them has “Sloth” written right on them. Just look at the claws! And have you ever seen a sloth’s torso? It looks pretty strange on its own.

  2. BryanJ
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    Ya I agree. Here is a link with some more pictures of the Panama Creature.

  3. Mark
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    An excellent list. Well researched and coherent.

  4. stacey
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    Please explain what is meant by “like some modern young elephants, the creature ate adult herd members.” on #5!?

    1. BryanJ
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      Good find. I lost a word in that sentence. It makes it sound like the elephants ate each other, which doesn’t happen. Elepants are hervivores, which is probably what confused you. The sentence was a reference to Coprophagia, which is the practice of eating dung. The mammoth body had dung in the stomach. It should say “Scientists were able to identify milk from the mammoth’s mother in her stomach, and fecal matter in Lyuba’s intestine, including evidence that, like some modern young elephants, the creature ate adult herd members “feces.”

    2. TopTenz Master
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      Corrected. Thanks for the catch, Stacey.

  5. Mike
    Mike at |

    yeah but Sloth’s aren’t that tall or long bodied are they and that long of legs
    and arms and the mouth and teeth,
    i don’t care much what the vet says because it
    looks taller than a sloth to me anyhow sloths are ugly.

    well im one that tends to post more then
    1 comment at a time because websites like these gives email addresses
    out and then i always end up with more spam from when i comment on sites
    like this one, they don’t all do it tho

    anyways how in the hell do you guys always find these animals
    and i never do i only find smashed deer and foxes along roads
    i never seen or found any strange animals yet and if i ever do
    i’ll either run away or bash their head in like the kids did to the
    so called sloth i don’t blame the kids for what they done.


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