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  • auto devis

    Prison still sucks regardless of the few amenities

    • Jonathan Reiter

      Yup. Just ask my brother, the jaded, cynical grouch. He’s three years younger than me, and works for Correction Services Canada, pay grade CX-1. We have some humdingers of arguments about why he shouldn’t call racial minorities in prison names when he gets mad at them, and other stuff…

  • schuyler

    Isn’t it easy to get a degree in prison too? perhaps a college degree and not just a G.ED.? correct me if i’m wrong.

    • Dan

      you are wrong. While education is POSSIBLE in jail, it is getting more and more difficult to get one. GED is still somewhat available, but College classes are limited in number and quality

  • David

    Why is it that in prison, you get cool gear like telly, the internet and so on, yet when you`re in hospital you get nothing like that?

    • FMH

      Because good conduct isn’t worth very much in hospital.

  • Dox

    Been there. Nothing like this, just day after day of endless boredom punctuated by bad food and sleepless nights……

    • FMH

      If those were your worst problems, it must have been a decent prison at least.

      • You have no idea at all what you are talking about. The person above you was talking about county jail. But then, you likely don’t even know the difference. County jail time is the hardest time outside of supermax that one can do.

        • FMH

          Your ability to read nonsense into a simple statement is simply amazing. You probably get into a lot of fights.

          My statement remains: If bad food, sleepless nights and boredom are your main problems, then it’s probably a decent prison.

          Furthermore, where did he say it was a county prison? Do you know this guy? You probably just make stuff up.

          • I don’t have to know this guy. Your asinine question “…where did he say it was a county prison?” reveals your ignorance because there is no such thing as a county prison.

            Nice try, though, bolstering your weak debate with a personal cheap shot. (“You probably get into a lot of fights.”) Awful classy of you. LOL.

  • ParusMajor

    Now I want to go to prison. No, wait, let me refrase that… I would want to go to prison if I got all of these benefits. With my luck, I would probably end up in some dark, crappy hellhole in Myanmar or Siberia, though.

  • Wow, hate to say it, but this post is really really misleading. You make it sound as if jail is some sort of a party, and this could not be farther from the truth. Maybe you have cherry-picked some unique allowances from other countries for your list, but as a former inmate of US jails and prison, I find the list to be misleading and not at all funny. Try this: the most recent ten jails that killed pregnant women, or list of countries with the highest incarceration rates, or the last ten jails that killed mentally ill people, or the most recent ten jails housing juveniles for non-criminal status offenses… and please stop trying to make light and fun of incarceration, unless you have been an inmate and know personally.

    • Jerome

      Well put.

  • @FMH above. I would like to debate without resorting to personal attacks, if you do not mind.

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    I spent one night in provincial jail in Canada and nine if that was allowed except for 1 hour of super Nintendo for 55 inmates in my wing. Everything was dictated by the wing boss who is a inmate himself so when your the skinny new guy you get in tabacco , barely any food and no gaming. I got harassed by 3 guys who “convinced” me to give them my hat and watch. Sure I could’ve fought but I new I was getting out the next day and didn’t want to add on my sentence. Even if there was a prison that offered all those amenities I would still pick freedom. Nothing is more damaging to a human then to restrict his freedom no matter how golden the cage is.

  • Jerome

    Tee hee – SMALLwood 😉