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  • Jason

    The fact that sex is the standard by which all pleasures are compared with, automatically proves that sex really is the ultimate. Sorry but this list is just wishful thinking for those whe have never had good sex.

  • MLK

    trololol xD
    for me it looks like al peeps that sez that nothing is better than sex are either virgins or cant diff “fake” orgasm from zeir partners

    really guys, think about this: do a person have sex every day at every hour? one simply wants to do something else, and our dependency in technology is what makes Internet Top1 for things would would choose to do before sex. (for example)

    maybe u would like to have sex, but thing in ur partner, does he/she wants to do it now? and i’m pretty sure he/she will give u any excuse to do it later ^^

    really… sux to be ya =D

    • Ted

      well said.

  • Adam

    For me I would add that a root canal is better than sex, so is porn and masturbation. Married over 40 years and sex was terrible with my wife, I moved out of the house so I wouldn’t have to be near her.