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  1. joe jim
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    Lead and heavy metals are not created by man, they come from the ground. So we separate them and put them back into the mine they came from? What about the people who live near these natural sources of heavy metals? Its ok to drink the water from their wells, its natural!
    Most of these sound like hippy speak!

  2. Randy
    Randy at |

    Number 10 is definitely born out of an agenda. There’s zero conclusive proof on genetically altered foods. There’s a lot of speculation and conjecture though.

  3. m
    m at |

    Actually Randy, there is quite a bit of proof. Please do some research.

  4. Anne
    Anne at |

    Yup, Kraft state on their products, “This is a rGBH-free product. But since we’re on the topic, just wanted to also say that there is not significant evidence showing that rGBH is dangerous to our health (you freaked out mis-informed yet somehow highly influential public). We’ll do whatever we can do so that you’ll keep buying our stuff.”

    Sort of a sad commentary for all parties.

    Still, if I know of a way to reduce the volume of intentionally-added non-food stuff going through my digestive system, I often make an effort to do so, budget-allowing.


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