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  • Ryan

    Wow!!! the Quebec Nordiques should be on the top 10 NICEST jerseys!!! its so nice! and the tampa bay buckineers jersey isnt even that bad. so its orange, w/e. but good job on the Syracuse University Football jersey; that one is really ugly!!!

  • Ben Millorzkie

    Worst list I have ever seen. The whalers jersey was one of the best in the history of the NHL. The use of negative space (H) incorporated with the W made one of the best logos in sports… And Nordiques means “Northener” Get a french english dictionary.

    • The worst list you have ever seen? Not even close. I have seen literally thousands of lists and there are many that are worse on other sites, but even on this site it isn’t the worst list. This, in my opinion, is the worst list ever…on this site and I “wrote” it: Ugh, so bad. I must apologize even years later. 😉

  • fmoriss

    Nordiques is a french term meaning “From The North”

  • skipperbob

    Thankfully the all orange uniforms for Syracuse was just an experiment that failed! Fans were sickened by them and they have gone back to a more traditional look.

  • Adam Cartwright

    This isn’t a very good list, gotta have the 1916 Montreal Canadiens jersey in the list

  • Mattias

    Whalers left in 1997 not 1994

  • Josh

    What about Cleveland Indians all red uniforms?!? they looked like apples out there

  • ChristineC

    I, too, always thought that was an igloo on the Nordiques jersey. Also I would put any basketball uniform with pinstripes on this list (i.e. the Charlotte Hornets). By far the ugliest thing I’ve seen recently is the University of Maryland football team’s state flag uniforms. Don’t get me wrong-MD has a nice flag, but those were too much.

  • Lachlan

    I notice it’s all American Football, Ice Hockey and Basketball uniforms.

    You should look up some football (ie soccer) kits worn by some teams in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world at times through through the years. Horrific !!!

  • IO

    The name “Nordiques” means people of the north

  • Don

    Uniforms of today have no soul.

    Every time a team “modernizes/updates” its logo, they inevitably incorporate some dark and uninspiring color scheme that includes an excessive dose of navy blue.
    –> Best example of this is the New England Patriots … how do you get rid of Pat Patriot (and the bright, bold RED, the power color!?!?) …

    Hartford Whalers & Tampa Bay Bucs’ original uni’s are some of the best of all-time, NOT the worst!
    C’mon, man!?!

    • Mark

      so true..

  • Nick

    A lot of these are ridiculous, pretty funny. I’m a Canucks fan, and that is probably the ugliest hockey sweater I’ve ever seen. Love the Denver jersey – that would be super hip these days!

    That said, the Nordiques and the Whalers?!?!?! Those are classic hockey sweaters of deceased franchises in real hockey towns. How about the Coyotes or the Predators sweaters… really ugly, and nobody cares about the team or the game in those towns.

    If you want to see ugly, check out soccer uniforms. Neon green with the word “XBox” on the front (Sounders) – I’d rather have an ugly jersey with an ugly logo as long as the name of the team is on it, rather than the product of the lead sponsor. Putting “XBox” rather than the team’s name shows no respect for the team, the town, the fans, or the game. Just trashy to respect the money more than anything else.

  • tyrone

    Miami Marlins could unseat the Astros. And, depending on the scheme, the New Orleans Pelicans in 2013.

  • Mark

    This list is ridiculous. Nordiques (minimal/clever/cultural), Canucks (intimidating color scheme), Whalers (less is more), and especially Astros (mindblowing!) are some of the coolest/interesting logos/uniforms ever. It’s this kind of mindset (of the author) that has made uniforms of today predictable and uninteresting or even worse, over detailed, too complex, pieces of crap. There’s nothing memorable being made these days in the area of Sports logos and apparel.