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  • Jennifer

    I think partying at someones funeral is a good attitude to have.

  • death is nice party? no!!!

  • Equalizer

    All of this death rituals are so horrific except for #10

  • Number 6 is pretty interesting – I wonder if they do pets as well… I'd consider doing that with our dog's ashes if I was rich (right now they are in an urn…)

  • I've heard that Irish wakes are something to see also. A lot of drinking, singing, and maybe a fight or two.

  • indonesia

    #7, it's the main reason people of Tana Toraja move to other cities, a fine example of culture vs economy

  • Me

    I definitely want the #10 funeral.

  • A young person

    These are all strange, some being horrible, interesting rituals. Especially the mumification of the
    Buddhist monks, the ash-to-synthetic-diamond-ring and the tower.

  • Anthropology enthusiast

    I would strongly suggest you remove the editorial comments like “worst death ritual” and “horrid custom”.
    The cultures and beliefs of another society are no less reasonable and normal than that of Western society, it’s just different. To cultures that practice ingesting the dead there is a deep spiritual, religious, and cultural reason behind it and it is far more normal to them than the idea of burying the dead. In fact, the concept of burying dead loved ones in the ground would be horrifying, repulsive, and sacrilegious to them, perhaps just as much as their practice is to you.

    On the whole I appreciate the list of customs and found them interesting…but not horrifying. Try to take the ethnocentrism out of the descriptions and you’ll have a much more educational and intelligent sounding post here.

  • YSNL

    In Toraja, the ritual can cost for about $100,000.00; thats one of the reasons why it needs years to do the ritual. it also be one of ‘tourism object’ just like Ngaben in Bali.