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  • TJ

    Gabriel Van Helsing is a joke.

  • Danny

    I’m glad you put the Belmont clan on the list… If you would have overlooked them- Whoa…

  • Elizabeth

    In my humble opinion, Buffy should have been #1.

    • Ciscell

      The three main criteria I went into in my mind for the list of hunters were that the Frog Brothers were top five, Abraham Van Helsing was number one, and Lincoln deserved a place on the list. After that, the list just kind of built itself. One of the things I really enjoyed was being able to draw from animation, literature, television, comics, video games, as well as popular media. I really felt that I had to draw from every point of knowledge from it. Buffy is growing especially since beyond the movie and tv series, she stays relevant to the discussion – however, I could not ignore Van Helsing and the history associated with that. Buffy would have to continue to be relevant and re-enacted decades after Weedon’s passing and have literally a dozen actresses with new and original takes on her in order to supplant Van Helsing. In my opinion, I think that would be a fair measure of judgement. Just thought that my thought process might help on that. Thanks for reading and sharing!

    • Seth

      Peter Cushing’s, Professor Abraham Van Helsing is and always will be THE best and if you do not agree with me…

  • Anonymous

    Whoa whoa whoa.

    Where is Alucard.


    • I have never heard of Alucard and I’m an pop culture fiend, which is a reason I started this site. I assumed he was part of the one geek group I don’t follow…manga. And after a search my suspicion was confirmed. Thanks for the inclusion. For those of you interested,

  • luminum

    Anita Blake?!


  • TJ

    Where’s D from Vampire Hunter D? That guy kicked serious vampire butt. Watch both Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Awesome animation and gripping storylines.

    Or no Japanese anime characters allowed on the list?

  • Ciscell

    Looks interesting as well as the associated clips on youtube. Honestly, I do not follow anime but in future lists, I will endeavor to check anime as well for examples in an attempt to be comprehensive. Had simply never heard of it before.

    • Danny

      Oh goodness… If you look into anime/manga you could make a “Anime top ten vampire slayers” list and still have people peeing their pants because you left their favorite out… I’m just saying there are a lot. More than I could count on my fingers, toes, and muscles.

  • ParusMajor

    HAHAHA! I luve Bugs Bunny! 😀

  • TheDoctor

    It was George Washington who had the ax and cherry tree, not Lincoln.

  • Punkoid

    Captain Kronos and Father Shandor should be on this list before most of the others.

  • shadow

    Put Vampire Hunter D on this list!!!! NOW!!! U shud also put Alaric Saltzman from TVD he was pretty badass.

  • jennifer stewart

    obama vampire hunter

    • Chris

      And what will he do? Take away their guns, force them to get Obamacare, then tell them they have permission to build nukes?

  • Sp4rKz

    Were’s Alucard? He could take all of them at the same time as well as every vampire on heart and Win!!!!

  • Victoria Salter

    I love vampires. I think that most of those who kill them are indiscriminate and would kill ANY vampire, be they good or evil. I just think that this, in itself, is absolutely vile and hateful. Not all vampires are evil. They do not always want to just kill people randomly. In fact, if they do exist, I expect that there are probably a great many vampires out there who would only kill when they absolutely have to.
    Buffy is the only vampire killer that I have ever actually liked. This is because, in the TV show, to say the least, she only kills the ones that she knows she has to. Even I have to admit that, by the usual standard of vampire killers, Buffy is rather sweet.

  • whoa

    Dean and Sam Winchester!

  • Mr. Bunker

    Seriously, the most bad ass vampire hunter ever, is Joel from “A Vampire Hitman From San Francisco!” Here is the link. It sucks, cause it’s not a movie; yet! But a two time loser, connected wise-guy sort, battling it out in San Francisco’s underground scene. He’s banging chicks, drinking beers, goofing around, then all of a sudden vampires are real, and they whack out a couple people close to him. So he seeks help, and finds it from the Freemasons of all places, where he meets a bad ass super hotty, who kicks as much ass as him. Watch… This book and character is going to set a new standard for how a tough-guy is supposed to be, in a vampire story line!!!

  • Ryan England

    “D” from Vampire Hunter D should be in it.