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  • We only use three of these here on, but the rest look helpful in gaining better social obedience from the masses.

  • Gerald Weber

    I already use more of these. However there are a few here that are new to me so I'll check em out! Thanks 😉

  • Gerald Weber

    Whoops, I mean to say I already use "most" of these.

  • Although the number of networks is much more limited compared to Sociable (only 18 to choose from),

    I'm not sure which version you're using or last looked at, but currently SexyBookmarks supports nearly 80 different services/networks. haha!

  • Gail

    Can these Word Press pulg ins be used on Blogger Blogs? Starting to feel overwhelmed. I had no idea there were so many of those social network sites. When does anyone work? Sleep? Eat?

  • Lewis

    All these tools are great additions to any blog. I, as a frequent visitor to several great blogs (including this one), appreciate the sense of friendliness and community when such tools are utilized. After all, isn't that what a blogger wants – community?

  • Amanda

    Great blog tips, thanks!

  • I'm starting up a new professional blog, powered by WordPress, of course, so these are great reminders of how to encourage readers and comments.

  • todd

    Hey, thank you for sharing a nice article. I've been practicing on how to monetize my site and some of them are on your post. I still don't know the others but I will try them too.

  • München

    The threaded commenting system is one of my favorite, it makes it easier for us to reply to other commentors, also adding keywordluv and commentluv is a big yes for all bloggers out there. There are lots of benefits that we could get by installing it to our blog.

  • Zoro

    I don't really think this Ajax Edit Comment would be critical enough to install. I don't have any statistics about this but i'm sure that not many people would edit their comment after they submit it. Anyway this is indeed a great post. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gamer

    Implementing AJAX functions and adding connecions with social networks can really make blogs more pleasant to interact on, for sure. I guess one should pick his/her few favourite tricks among your list rather than overdo it.

  • Writer

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post! Having listed the top 10 ways to have a sociable blog, why didn't you use no. 8 in your blog? Having that installed, everyone will benefit from commenting on your blog.

  • Mike

    I use about half of the ways mentioned in this post on my blog, but to be honest, I am thinking of not allowing comments at all on my blog. I’ll keep the social media stuff, but I get so many comments from automated comment posters that aren’t even relevant to my posts that I spend an excessive amount of time just cleaning them out. Kind of discouraging.



  • Twizel

    Great list for me to consider on my new blogs. i had not heard of a dew of them or understood how some worked so thank you for a great post.

  • Nurul Azis

    So many option for socialize our blog, i use few of them already and thinking to using some others when necessary. Nice post Kristi 🙂

  • Naresh

    I usually use 2 from the above list, One among the two is commentluv. Its a great plug-in which improve blacklinks to blogs. From the list I impressed with “Ajax Edit Comments”, because which helps us to edit after submission of commands. Thanks for sharing:)


  • Rebecca Williamson

    My favorite tool is Sexy Bookmarks. It looks new and different and isn’t as intrusive as some of the other widgets. Will also have to try threaded comments. Thanks for the great tips!

  • Anon

    I have most of these add-ons for my blogs/forums, but I dont know how to find the last add-on “Cute Profiles”. I dont use wordpress for my blog it runs on Joomla, I wonder if there are any free mods for joomla.
    Great informative post though, thanks for the sharing!

  • I’ve tried a few social plug-ins before, but never really found one that I liked, so thanks for digging these out.

    I’ll definitely be trying a few out to see which ones work best on some of the various themes that I use.

    Having said that, many of our blogs use a theme called Socrates, and that already allows for Facebook, Twitter, RSS, LinkedIn and YouTube as part of the theme, but we do run many other older blogs that use different themes that could definitely do with some extra social oomph.

  • Stacy M

    Thanks for these. I’ve seen almost all of these in action, and the ones that always catch my eyes are Sociable and Sexy Bookmarks. Funny though, I am new to this Gigya toolbar. Maybe I need to browse more blogs. But the ones I’ve found really useful to use are the Ajax Edit Comments and the Threaded Comments.

  • Dee

    You forgot to include chat widgets, which is one of the most important things a social blog must have. It promotes interactivity between the different users / viewers of the blog (unlike threaded comments, where the blog owner / moderator must approve a user’s comment first before it can be viewed), and is on “real-time”.

    Include a chat widget always. It’s really easy to add said widget, although it would add quite a bit of a load to your server / website. It’s not a big problem though, especially if you’re running a large blog / website like this.

  • Arnum

    You have picked the best of here for sure. I have tried most, still use comment luv and subscribe to comments. I have got rid of a few, like Sharaholic, coz my sites were getting bloated. You don’t have Folow Me, which is an excellent social bookmark plugin, unobtrusive, and much more than just Twitter these days.

  • anon

    Good points. It’s becoming more and more important to integrate your blog within your site for both the end user and also the search engines

  • Daniel

    I don’t like giving dumb thank you comments, but this list of ways to make your blog more sociable has really helped me out. Could you also do one on what WordPress plugins are useful for getting more social activity on blogs?

  • Slava Petrenko

    I’ve always been a fan of the sexy bookmarks plugin – but a couple of those other ones I haven’t tried yet so I’ll be sure to put them thru their paces.